Daze is New Android Family Game, Fun Party Game and Group Puzzle Game of 2018

By increasing use of mobile phones, mobile games have become commonplace among mobile users. Most people tend to play games on their mobile phones as an entertainment in their leisure time. These games can make the Long-distance home-to-work paths, tedious queues and day-to-day traffic tolerable for people. Group games are a great way to bring people together, break the ice and make new friends or just provide old friends with new tricks. They are easy and costly entertainments that make friends happy. Android Family Games are mostly more exciting and joyful than solitaire games. It’s always enjoyable to share with friends or family to achieve a common goal and feel the joy and excitement in a group. Android Family Games enhance the sense of partnership and collaboration, and teach social laws and regulations, such as taking turns to children. They play together and learn from each other’s reactions. Android Family Games bring friendship and joy for family members and reduce their stress. They can detach people from work place stress and problems for a while. Family and Friends gatherings can become more memorable with adding a little excitement. Just go for a few hours to childhood and make fun with fun games.

Engaging and Funny Group Game

Fortunately nowadays thousands of group games have been launched in the App Marketplace and you can enjoy them in friendly or family groups. Daze game is one of the best Group Games for Android to play with your family. Its joyful and funny challenges can create a memorable moment in your life. Just go and play this game in your family instead of monotonous and boring dialogues. The mysterious and wacky steps of this game will quickly become a lively fun club, and all the members of the band will join to this game.

Funny, ironic, and silly moments in Daze Android Family Game!

Daze Android Family Game is a set of 100 different challenge stages, with the help of internal sensors such as accelerometer and gyroscope it creates Creative Puzzles and extraordinary, humorous and sometimes funny challenges. The player has to perform physical tasks through the stages of the game, which may seem hilarious and silly. Doing these challenges especially in friendly gatherings creates excitement and joy. For example, in one of the stages of the game, you are asked to touch the screen of your phone with your nose and do not leave your nose off the screen until it’s allowed. Although it is a simple challenge for a child, but for a family father it’s a funny, ironic, and stupid thing.

Android Family Game

Comic and Exciting Game for friendly Gatherings

The gameplay is a two-dimensional environment with minimal graphic, in black and green, and descriptions appear with attractive but incomplete fonts which you must discover the original command by completing the incomplete text. This engaging graphics is accompanied by sound effects and a humorous guide helps you to play the game. This is a playable environment for all group members and you can play it without any worry with friends or family and create memorable moments for yourself.
In Daze you have to find the answer to a puzzle and perform it, this Android Family Game may be a bit like pantomime. The method of playing a pantomime is that the player must understand the meaning of the phrase and perform it to friends by doing physical movements without saying words, and friends will guess the words in question. The more hilarious and funny phrases are, the more fun and joyful times will be created. Just like a pantomime, in Daze game, the group need to understand gameplay meaning. Find the answer to the puzzle and perform it by use of mobile sensors. For example, at one stage, the player is asked to look at the birds and he/she should hit the phone to the sky. Whenever the sound of the birds is heard, the mission has been successfully accomplished.

Daze and funny and joyful moments in party

In describing Daze game, it should be said that a set of unusual missions starts with a simple command. It is suitable for all ages, from child to grandparents and in a friendly or family gathering you can participate in the game and enjoy it.
Daze party game for android can be played in a group of 2 or more. Unlike other games, which usually involve only two people in the game, in Daze everyone in the group can simultaneously try to discover the puzzle and perform it. For example, all members of the group can play the game simultaneously and solve the challenges together; for sure it will be funny finding group members doing abnormal movements, such as shaking the phone or turning it counterclockwise!
The game is offline and you do not need the internet during the game. Download the game for free at Google Play Store and enjoy it. This feature allows you to run this game anytime anywhere. If you are at a party or traveling, or in a picnic, you can make excitement, laugh and joy in a group only by use of your phone.

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