How Daze is a Creative Puzzle Game ?

Recently Daze Puzzle team published new creative puzzle game for android devices. It is basically based on simulating physical movement of player in real world in android device. Earlier, the player in some games like “Pokémon GO” should follow some act in real world. Also in games such as “Uncharted” and “Fallout” partial act is needed in some limited levels. But in none of them the game play is focused on physical movement during the game. But now, Daze Creative Puzzle Game make dream to reality.

Creative Puzzle Games are the most popular and common types of smart phone games which amuse a vast number of users every day. They have become a part of so many people’s leisure time. Therefore, it can be said that the most popular games in the history of Android have had a puzzle style, for instance, Angry Birds which its fame and popularity is beyond the imagination is also introduced in this style.

Puzzle Games have always been developing and as time is passing, their producers are finding different ways to challenge their users’ minds. In fact, this is one of the greatest factors in the popularity of Creative Puzzle Games. There are countless numbers of puzzle games in play stores and you can simply choose one and start making progress, however experiencing the most excellent names in this style is definitely a priority for the puzzle fans.

It can be said that puzzle games are the most useful type of games. These games stimulate the brain, improve visual perception and memory, enhance concentration and brain’s harmony and increase dopamine’s level in the brain and also they are followed by creativity. puzzle and mystery games are very popular. Because they can be played and enjoyed at anytime, anywhere.

Thanks to several new features that smart phones brought for us, you can play new creative puzzle video game by acting like standing, moving and turning. The riddles of game should be solved with such physical movement. It can amuse you whenever even when you gather with your friends or family. In Daze you are encourage you to be creative and solve new types of riddles. Daze Puzzle is based on solving problem with physical movement. You start an adventure from first level and it is proceed to hundred different levels.

Turning, searching and walking during the Daze Creative Puzzle Game!

Depend on level in Daze, different types of real activities are needed. Turning, searching and walking are some type of them. If you underestimate the brilliant small riddles in Daze, it may make several hours or more to find the solution to finish just a level. If you are in hurry to finished the game and want to haste, you can use hint which is available three minute after you start the level.

In some of levels the narrator asks you to do some works that may be seem unusual or weird from other people around of you. For example, in one level it is asked from you to put your nose on the device screen and see above and you don’t know when this level possibly will be finish. So the player may wait for any response from android device and maybe it last long for minutes after the level is completely accomplished! Assume someone in family or friends gathering put the device on his/her nose and watching sky. There are also lots of different activities needed in this Creative Puzzle Video Game that entertain you for a long time. Maybe it can make more joy for you when playing Daze Creative Puzzle Game in group.

Daze and creativity in motion

In this creative puzzle video game you don’t use only your fingers but you have to use all of your muscles. Maybe this question has come to your mind, how? For instance, in one of the levels, you have to turn the phone to the sky. And wait to hear birds’ sound. With this the muscles of your hand and your shoulder move simply. Or in another level, you have to hold the phone like a horse’s bridle and simulate a horse riding, this comedy ends with the sound of a horse’s hinny. Imagine some people watching you while you are playing the game, it may be funny because your actions seem stupid to them, but when they ask why are you doing this, you should definitely introduce the game to them to take them to the childhood world for a while.

Different types of content on Daze

When playing Daze Creative Puzzle Game, you figure out three different types of content. First solving miscellaneous enigmas in different levels. Surely most of them are completely new for you. Second you experience the clear sociable voice of narrator which is guide you during some levels. The voice has friendly tune and give you some instruction to finish the level. At last various background soundtrack is playing in levels. There are changing in levels and make new sense for player.

Finally, the content of Daze Puzzle is designed in innovative artistic way. It can be played in all places alone or with family members, friends or colleagues. This New Creative Puzzle Game prove that new concepts can walk-through in android mobile games. It has simple graphical design and full of new ideas to satisfy those who want new experience in mobile game play. You can download it from google play store :

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  • leo says:

    Very fun! Very clever puzzle game! Puzzles aren’t too hard to figure out. I did need hints for some. I recommend this game if you like puzzles. This was definitely my favorite game that I’ve played in a long time, I’m in level 82 how can i pass this level ???

    • daze game says:

      Thanks for your opinion.
      In this level, (82 – Mind the gap) Hold your finger on the big gap between “mind” and “the” until the white progress bar gets to that spot. Then let your finger off the screen. Put it back when the bar passes onto the word “the”.

      Daze Puzzle Team

  • Tony says:

    I downloaded and played the daze puzzle game, now, i’m in level 41, so funy, how can i pass this level?
    Any walkthrough on this website?

    • daze game says:

      Thanks for your opinion.
      In this level of the daze game, you should drag a finger in and out of the six letters on screen. (Put your finger between the “s” and “l”, then drag down, drag up to the gap between “l” and “a”, drag up, down to the gap between “a” and “l”, etc)

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