Creative puzzle game, Creative thinking, 100 Creative challenges, 100 new solutions in Daze Puzzle game

What is the first thing that pops in your mind when you hear the word ‘creativity’? making a different piece of music or movie, drawing an especial painting or designing a wonderful architecture for a building? All of these include creativity, but the artists are not the only ones who have creative thinking. Creative thinking can change different professions and individuals and society’s daily life. A simple definition of creativity is the ability to create a new concept, tool, method, or a game. Having creative thinking is a need for everyone. creative thinking is very important for being successful in life in this period of time. In the following paragraphs, we will talk about a new type of 2018 android puzzle games which has used creative thinking. This Creative Puzzle game will help you to enhance your creativity, and in addition to entertaining you in your leisure time, it helps you to make creative solutions for your own challenges in life. All scientists believe that it is impossible to travel in time and to the past, but this game does it, you will travel in time and go back to your childhood era.

Daze, the infinite creativity

If you are looking for a new challenge that you haven`t done till now, I suggest you to install Daze. Among millions of games available in stores and markets, this game is a unique one. In most puzzle and mystery games, there is just one solution and just one way to play, and with this one solution, you can complete all the levels of the game successfully, but Daze requires a new solution for each level, in other words, 100 creative challenges and 100 new solutions.
In most of the puzzle and mystery games you encounter the same levels, the more you go ahead, the harder they become. but in Daze has used creative thinking to design the puzzle of each level differently and you will be able to solve them, using your mind and also game’s guidance.
Daze has used two black and green colors to make a creative environment, if you have researched about the black color’s properties a bit, you should know that black color is full of mysteries and green color is a sign of hope and life! Game’s commands are displayed in an imperfect font and sound effects are added to them. A guide helps you as your friend to be able to play the complicated levels of the game. All of these make an appealing world for you, and you are going to deal with a creative environment! Now imagine another puzzle game, childish colors, a constant soundtrack and repetitive challenges in all levels!

creative thinking daze

Daze and its humorous atmosphere

The game tells you from the beginning that you are going to deal with a humorous environment. Stupid things that you expect to be done by an energetic teenager are designed for everyone in this game. Whatever age and personality you have, do not step in the world of this game or leave all the restraints of life behind and return to your childhood.
The starting of this Creative Puzzle Game is exactly like the starting of an amazing funny story, you are in front of a mysterious black – green screen like a child, and the sense of curiosity tells you to begin! Creativity in applying sound elements along with simple graphics keeps you entertained, and in the levels that you need help, the game’s guide will be your guardian like a friend. Of course, you have to be careful while using this guidance, as there are creative ideas in it just like the graphics of the game. Sometimes it explains everything, and sometimes just teases you, don’t ignore its tone.
All of the interesting and creative levels of the game are designed with the help of sensors such as accelerometer and gyroscope within the phone. In one of the interesting levels, you have to hold the phone backward, and in another one you have to squeeze it like wet clothes! This game is designed in creative ways that you cannot guess the next levels, and you have to wait for commands.

Daze and funny and joyful moments

We often paly games in our leisure time or when we are on the way to work to entertain ourselves and spend some time, but these games can be useful as long as they don’t waste our time and energy, don’t make us addicted to themselves and don’t make us doing repetitive challenges like robots. That’s exactly what you are going to experience with Daze. You go for it to spend some time and to be happy, and according to the style of the game, you will experience funny and joyful moments. If the games are created to fill our loneliness, this Creative Puzzle Game can be played in a group. just like pantomime, one person can play and the rest of group can take part in the fun and full of laughter moments.
After arrival of mobile phones into our lives, many of our daily tasks are done by them. We use them to manage our bank accounts, plan our daily routines and order food, taxi and flight tickets. actually we can`t live without our cellphones anymore. Creative games like Daze are the soul of our cellphones, turning them from a handy tool to a useful friend. Daze and other creative games in the markets will boost our creative thinking and enable us to improve our living condition.