Deathigner Level 76 Walkthrough

We have solved Deathigner Level 76 for you and put the gameplay video walkthrough and tips here. Hope you enjoy playing this fantastic and funny puzzle game that developed by “CacaCat” team. We are here to help you out on this game in case you are stuck on a level and can’t pass it, please don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments. You can find solutions for next level, deathigner level 77 here and you can find all levels here.

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Here’s the answers for deathigner level 76 :

Tip 1: Tap on red boxing gloves, give them to the left fighter.
Tip 2: Swipe down on punching bag, tap on blue gloves and give them to the right fighter.
Tip 3: Tap on the cabinet in right bottom, tap on the spray in it.
Tip 4: Drag the spray to the green hair of the fighter on the scoreboard until his hair turns red.
Tip 5: Tap on “COLD”, tap the spray in it, drag it to the pipe above the scoreboard.
Tip 6: Tap on the hammer, drag it to the frozen pipe.

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If you need more help please watch detailed walkthrough in this video :

Deathigner is a new theme puzzle game. While enjoying and sloving the grim reaper’s mission, challenge and exercise you mind and brain.
Find the hidden items and clean all targets! There are more than 100 levels in all, great time pass with Deathigner.

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