Computer games are growing rapidly. More novel games with better graphics and newer stories throng markets every moment. Among all, mobile games have made remarkable progress. The more mobile phone’s hardware is upgraded, the better the games become. In the meantime, puzzle and mystery games which often need simple environments are counted as an important hobby for most of people.

Puzzle and mystery games with creative thinking and simple gameplay have a great popularity among smart phone owners. In the following, we will introduce two excellent puzzle games and make a comparison between them.

None* Game

None* Game is another one of hardest android puzzle games which can entertain you for long hours. This game is full of mysteries. You need to have good knowledge to be able to pass this game’s challenges. In every level, you are asked a question and all you have is just a keyboard. You should answer the question and go to the nest level. There is no help or guide or anything else.

In None game, you have to find the answers just using your own knowledge. The question may be sum of two numbers or the chemical formula of water. You cannot go to the next level until you choose the right answer. None of the levels are related to each other. You may need to find a dialogue from a movie or the next number in a sequential order.

The environment of None app is very simple. The only color used in its graphics is black. All you have is a keyboard and two options for answer and share. After writing the answer you select the answer and if your answer is correct, you can go to the next level. Using the share button, you can share the levels you have passed with your friends. This simple environment is completed with a light music. You can loll on a couch and enter the mysterious world of this game in your leisure time.

In spite of its simple appearance, None game is a very complex game. you need to use all of your intelligence and creativity or answer the enigmatic and vague questions with your general knowledge. There is no positive or negative point, you can try answering a question as many times as you want. you can download none game from blow link :

Download None* Game apk


Daze Puzzle Game

Words such as unique, creative and funny can be used for describing this game. Daze is not like any other puzzle game you played before. In Daze, you should fulfil a series of commands. In each level, you will encounter a special challenge and need to pass through it using physical actions.

The challenges in this game are unique and interesting. In one of the levels of the game, for example, you are asked to look at birds. In order to pass this level, you should turn your phone to the sky. By doing this, you will hear birds’ sounds. Then you need to turn your phone to a direction where the sounds are louder to complete the challenge.

This game uses simple graphics. Two colors are used in it: black and green. The commands in the game cannot be easily read, you should have enough concentration. A guide with a friendly tone leads you in the game. sometimes she may tease you instead of helping! For instance, in one of the levels you are asked to stick the tip of your nose to your phone’s screen and don’t take your nose apart until you are told! If you wait for an order to take your nose apart, I have to say that you are stuck in a naughty plan! But this is the fun and hilarious part of the game. what will your surrounding people think if they see you waiting while you have stuck your phone to your nose?! They might think you are crazy or trying an unusual action!

Daze is like touching an unknown thing. You get curious to touch it and then want to discover it completely. In this android puzzle game, you start with an easy and simple challenge. You are just asked to sweep your finger from right to left on your phone’s screen. this simple command involves you in the game. Daze’s world is a different and entertaining one. With entering this game, you will experience some moments free from your daily concerns. You will do entertaining, exciting and hilarious challenges and release your daily stress. you can download daze for free on google play store :

daze on google play

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