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NYT Connections #208, January 5 2024 Answers

The NYT Connections daily answer is posted here in this page. It is most probably that you can do each day’s puzzle, however, if you stuck in solving the puzzle, you can follow our hints and answers. Clues are given and what you are required to do is to only select the right word amongst other ones based on our provided answers. See how easy-peasy it is!

In order for you to boost your logical thinking level, you should first go through our hints to gain insight into the correct answer.

Here is today’s NYT Connections categories:

  • Playfully Bother
  • Apex
  • Words For Specific Quantities
  • What “X” Might Mean

If you still couldn’t manage to solve the puzzle, you can then use our straight, exact answers below the hints section.

nyt connections january 5 2024 answers

Here is today’s NYT Connections last answers:

Playfully Bother: JOSH, KID, RIB, TEASE.
Words For Specific Quantities: DOZEN, GROSS, PAIR, SCORE.
What “X” Might Mean: ADULT, KISS, TEN, TIMES.

Daily NYT Connections archive is here: NYT Connections Answers Today

About NYT Connections Game : “NYT Connections will direct you to a challenging but fun sort of puzzle game. It revolves around words and what you are required to do is to mark similar words that can fit into a certain group. Each group is categorized in different colors (Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple). The difficulty level rises and it starts from the simplest which is Yellow to the Hardest which is Purple. The trickiness of the game is what makes you even more engaged and if you are seeking to do some brain work, NYT Connections is for you.”

You can play this popular word game, NYT Connections here:

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