Papers Please Day 1

November 23rd, 1982

This is the very first day of the game. Several elements are introduced here, but most of them are not yet used. Peruse the rulebook as you wish, use the shutters and examine the daily bulletin from the Ministry of Admission, but none of them are required as yet.

The day starts when you call for the first migrant. To do this, you must click on the speakers on the rooftop of the customs building, and the Inspector will shout ‘NEXT’. Once you have approved or denied a person, you can click it again, but the Inspector only shouts ‘NEXT’ once the current person has left the building on-screen.

papers please day 1As soon as a person’s on-screen silhouette enters the customs building (but before they actually show up in front of you in your first-person perspective), you can pull out the Visa Stamp right away, saving a few seconds per encounter (you can also pull out the Stamps before somebody comes in, but it will automatically retract should you do so).

There are a mere two rules to follow when approving or denying Visas for today: first, only Arstotzkan citizenry are allowed in, and all entrants must have a passport. If you send somebody through who should not have gotten in, or deny somebody who should have made it in, you can get a total of two citations a day before you start receiving penalties.

Finally, each day has several ‘scripted’ events, where a specific entrant will ALWAYS have certain traits, such as ALWAYS being from a certain nation, ALWAYS having his or her paperwork in order, ALWAYS having incorrect paperwork, and so on. If you keep track of these, you can basically reject or approve a person right away without even needing to make a cursory check of his or her documents.

At the end of each day, you will be given a salary of 5 credits per person you CORRECTLY processed, and deducted 5 credits for every person you incorrectly processed after the first two citations. Money will then be deducted from your savings for rent, food and heat. Rent is mandatory, while you may eventually be forced to stop spending on either or both of food and heat. Your money savings may become a vital point, depending on how well you play the main game.


  • All entrants must have a passport
  • Only citizens of Arstotzka are allowed in


  • Entrant One is an Arstotzkan. Approve him/her.
  • Entrant Two is an Imporian. Deny him/her.
  • Entrant Three is a Republian. Deny him/her.
  • Entrant Five is a Kolechian who makes a threat, and then leaves. He will count as having been processed, so you get 5 credits as a result. The day will continue on to at least this entrant, no matter how long you take with the first four entrants.



When approving an Arstotzkan:

  • Glory to Arstotzka.

When denying an Arstotzkan:

  • Try again.

When denying a foreigner:

  • Arstotzkans only.

First entrant (Arstotzkan returning home)


  • Finally I can return home.

If approved:

  • Thank you.

If denied:

  • You bastard.

Second entrant (Imporian mentioning size of checkpoint)


  • This checkpoint is smaller than I expected.

Third entrant (Republian who has waited for 8 hours)


  • I have waited in this damn line since for (sic) 8 hours.
  • I hope it was worth it.

If denied:

  • Unbelievable. Go to hell.


  • If ever you make an error with Approving but have not handed the passport back yet, a DENY stamp always overrides an APPROVE stamp. Therefore, if you Approved and then spot an error right after, you can put a DENY stamp on and it will go through as Deny.
  • For non-scripted entries, look at the COLOUR of the person’s passport. Arstotzkan’s passports are grey, so you can approve his or her passport right away without taking the extra couple of seconds to search inside the passport for the country of origin (and conversely, rejecting everybody who does NOT have
    a grey passport).
  • Try to get through as many possible entrants as you can during this day to build up a decent cash pile ahead of time.
  • You can alternate between paying for Heat and Food each day to save money on your family. Hungry status and Cold status can be remedied respectively by paying for Food and Heat that day. If a family member is Sick or Very Sick, however, you will need to pay medicine to keep that person alive, but in most cases will only be caused when a Hungry or Cold status is prolonged for longer than one day. Your son will often be sick, but Medicine for him only costs 5 Credits as opposed to 10 or 20 Credits for Heat and Food.

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