Papers Please Day 11

December 3rd, 1982

Things ramp up again in complexity for Day Eleven. Although you get no new rule changes, forgeries will start littering the place. Fortunately, the Entry Permits have only two types of seals, which you can learn to recognise with only a little bit of practice. However, the Work Passes have four different types of seals and come along a lot less, so you will want to check up on the seals when a Work Pass comes by. Of course, sometimes a Permit or Pass will be lacking a seal altogether, and you can reject the person’s entry right away.

papers please day 11

To see what a legitimate seal looks like, open your rulebook, and examine ‘Documents’ then either ‘Entry Permit’ or ‘Work Pass’.

Jorji Costava will show up with valid documents during the day if you have not allowed him through in the past. This is the last chance to get the Obristan token on this playthrough (and associated Steam achievement if you do not already have it).

Following the ninth entrant, pay attention to the weights of ALL Arstotzkans to catch any potential smugglers. There may be foreign smugglers who you will not catch unless you do a full search, but because there would already be a discrepancy that leads you to search them, you can turn them away without bothering to do a search. An Arstotzkan with an invalid weight is a dead giveaway, and you can detain up to 4 people for Calensk to give you 10 credits on Day Thirteen.

At the end of the day, if you bought the two earlier booth upgrades as soon as they were available, you can buy the rulebook shortcuts, which allows you to toggle between the sections of the rulebook without having to go back to the front of the rulebook. You will also be given a chance to accept a 1000 Credit bribe from EZIC, which is toggled on by default. If you burn it, a 2000 Credit bribe shall appear the following evening. If you accept it, you must let a certain person in on Day 14 or get a bad ending early.

Finally, Day Eleven is where the plot of Papers, Please finally begins to branch off. An EZIC operative visits today, and depending on what you do with him will open up some endings and close off other endings.


  • All entrants must have a passport
  • All documents must be current and not expired
  • All foreigners must have a valid, unexpired entry permit
  • All Arstotzkans must have a valid ID card
  • All workers must have a valid work pass
  • All diplomats must have authorization to enter Arstotzka
  • No weapons or contraband is allowed into Arstotzka


  • Entrant One is a foreigner who always will have a forged entry permit.
  • Entrant Two is Jorji Costava with valid papers if you have not allowed him through in the past. Approving his passport will get you the Obristan Token and Steam achievement.
  • Entrant Four will be Calensk, who will hand you 5 credits if you have detained at least two people in the two days prior. If you detained four people or more, you will only get 5 credits, but you will get a dialogue change talking about Calensk’s spouse. Calensk counts as a procession and so you do get another 5 credits from his visit.
  • Entrant Six will be Mikhail Saratov, an EZIC operative. If you put the cipher and coded document together you would have gotten his name by aligning the top-centre opening on the cipher with the sun on the coded document. His Entry Permit is missing, so letting him in will result in a citation.
  • Entrant nine will be an EZIC messenger if Mikhail Saratov is denied, who delivers a threat. The EZIC messenger will leave, but again countsa s a procession.


  • For at least a couple of times, really DO take time to familiarise yourself with the Ministry of Admission’s seals for Entry Permits and Ministry of Labor’s seals for Work Passes so you can recognise forgeries right away.
  • A general rule of thumb for spotting forgeries comes from GameFAQs user Larcen Tyler:
  • I wanted to give you a tip on spotting forged documents.
  • The entry permits have the following characteristics with their symbols:
    • The slash always goes from the upper-right to the bottom-left (it’s a forward slash.)
    • The ‘MOA’ only appears on circular icons.
  • As for the work permits, the hammer ALWAYS points to the left.

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