Papers Please Day 13

December 5th, 1982

Following the terrorist attack of the day before, all foreigners will now require an Identity Supplement in order to enter Arstotzka. All Identity Supplements contain a height, weight, description of his or her physical appearance (not an actual photo), and an expiry date for the Identity Supplement.


papers please day 13

Much like with Arstotzkan’s normal ID cards, you should Deny a person if their height or weight do not match up (or interrogate and detain them for money from Calensk). One entrant will complain about how it would have been faster to bribe the inspector. This entrant MAY or MAY NOT have valid papers. At the end of the day, if you accepted either the gift of 1000 or 2000 credits from EZIC, you shall have it taken away along with ALL the rest of your savings, so you will want to make more money than you need to spend today. You can recover your savings back on Day Fourteen.


  • All entrants must have a passport
  • All documents must be current and not expired
  • All foreigners must have a valid, unexpired entry permit
  • All Arstotzkans must have a valid ID card
  • All workers must have a valid work pass
  • All diplomats must have authorization to enter Arstotzka
  • No weapons or contraband is allowed into Arstotzka
  • Foreigners require an identity supplement


  • Entrant Three will be Calensk, who shall give you up to 10 Credits in return for detaining people.
  • Entrant Six is a man named Filipe Hasse. If you Approve him, you will get a citation, but several days later you get him in and can get 10 credits on top of Approving him with valid papers.
  • Entrant Seven is an engineer with valid papers. Give him or her a business card from Messof Anegovych before handing the passport and other papers back.
  • Entrant Nine shall complain about how it would have been faster to bribe the inspector. Entrant Nine’s papers MAY or MAY NOT be valid.


  • Fingerprinting will become a big thing for you from now on, as a person’s height or weight or physical description will often conflict with other records. Get used to being able to hand a fingerprint sheet to a person and linking thumb records.

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