Papers Please Day 16

December 8th, 1982

On Day Sixteen, the number of guards you have stationed around the customs office decreases from 5 to 3. You are given a key from now on. Whenever somebody jumps over a desk, you can take the key and open a lock that will show up on the right side of your document screen to take out a Tranquiliser Gun with three shots. If you can get your crosshairs over the person running across the field and shoot him with the Tranquiliser, you can a Sharpshooter money Bonus.

papers please day 16


  • All entrants must have a passport
  • All documents must be current and not expired
  • All foreigners must have a valid, unexpired entry permit
  • All Arstotzkans must have a valid ID card
  • All workers must have a valid work pass
  • All diplomats must have authorization to enter Arstotzka
  • No weapons or contraband is allowed into Arstotzka
  • Foreigners require an identity supplement
  • No Wanted Criminals are allowed in (use the bulletin middle page)


  • Entrant One is Calensk, who will give you 10 credits if you detained 1-3 people in the two days prior, and 15 credits for 4 or more. From now on, Calensk will give you payment at your home instead of at the customs office.
  • Entrant Four is missing papers. Approve or Deny him or her after hearing his or her sob story.
  • Entrant Six will be Messof Anegovych. Messof will give you 5 credits per business card you handed out to an Engineer. If you gave away all four business cards to the four Engineers who have come through since his last visit, in addition to the 20 Credits you shall also get the Arstotzkan token and corresponding Steam achievement.
  • Entrant Eight does not have anything special about him or herself, but when inspecting this entrant, a person will climb over the fence and run towards the guard, giving you the opportunity to use the Tranquiliser Gun. The day continues until at least Entrant Eight, no matter how long you take otherwise.


  • From now on Calensk’s payments are capped at 30 Credits per two days, so you can detain up to 12 people every two days to max out your return.

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