Papers Please Day 2

November 24th, 1982

On Day Two, Papers, Please scales up significantly in complexity with the introduction of the Inspection system. While you can now allow in persons of any nationality, you must also keep an eye on their passport and make certain that there are no discrepancies in the paperwork. If there are, you must deny that person entry into the country.

papers please day 2Discrepancies can include:

  • Expired passport date (anything expiring prior to November 24/1982)
  • Passport photo not matching up with the person in front of you (there is a little bit of leeway with this with regards to hair styles, but that is it)
  • Incorrect Gender
  • The issuing city not actually existing in that country (look at the regional map in your rulebook to see the real list of countries) or in the case of Arstotzka on documents other than the passport, the issuing district

There will be more types of discrepancies later on, but this is all you need to worry about for the time being.

After you go through the first six entrants and get to the seventh entrant, a terrorist attack will automatically occur, stopping your day early. No matter how long you take with the first six entrants, the day will not end until you get to the terrorist attack.

Papers Please


  • All entrants must have a passport
  • All documents must be current and not expired


  • Entrant One has valid papers. Approve him/her.
  • Entrant Two is an Antegrian with an expired passport. Deny him/her.
  • Entrant Four is an Arstotzkan. Approve him/her.
  • Entrant Six is an Arstotzkan who will give you an ad for The Pink Vice. Approve her (see below in Tips for an extra detail).
  • When inspecting Entrant Seven, an automatic event will occur involving a terrorist attack.


Fourth entrant (Arstotzkan catching bus)


  • Hurry up.
  • I am meeting bus soon.

Upon approval:

  • Finally.

Upon denial:

  • What is this?

Sixth entrant (Employee of the Pink Vice)


  • Hello handsome.
  • You look bored.
  • If you want good time, come see us.
  • [gives The Pink Vice ad]

Upon approval:

  • I will be around couple months.
  • Don’t forget to visit.


  • Any time somebody hands you an ad for The Pink Vice, that person ALWAYS has the paperwork in order, so you can approve that person right away.
  • Check for spelling errors in the issuing city or district. If there is a spelling error, it is an invalid document. For example, the city of Outer Grouse in Antegria may have ‘Oater Grouse’ or ‘Outer Grousa’ on a document, which makes it invalid.
  • Note that you do NOT have to point out a discrepancy (at least, for now) in a person’s documents. If somebody has an error on his passport, you can Deny him entry to Arstoztka right away with no need to go into Inspection mode.
  • If you either press the Exit button or the game program for Papers, Please is not the active window, the game pauses. As such, you can quickly pause the game, and make certain that the issuing city belongs in the country of origin, or the district in Arstotzka actually exists.
  • Papers, Please is sometimes a little lacking with its sprites, with males looking like females and females looking like males. If you are not ABSOLUTELY SURE of somebody’s gender, then use Inspection Mode and link the person and the gender stated on the passport. If the genders match up, you will get a ‘Matching Data’ prognosis and the gender is correct.

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