Papers Please Day 3

November 25th, 1982

Starting on Day Three, any foreigners (anybody except for Arstotzkans) will require a valid entry ticket to enter. When you pick up a passport off the table, a valid entry ticket will usually be right underneath it if the entrant has one, and this will repeat itself with any other papers in the future.

An entry ticket has a date on it. To be valid, the date on it must be the exact as the current date (in Day Three’s case, November 25th, 1982). When you approve or deny a passport for entry, you must hand back both the person’s passport and his or her entry ticket before he or she can leave.

papers please day 3If a person is missing an entry ticket, in Inspection Mode, point out the rule in the rulebook that all foreigners must have an entry ticket and link it to the table to point out the discrepancy (of course, you can also reject the person right away and it will not count against you. This is the faster option as most people will be missing an entry ticket and you will have to deny them anyways).


  • All entrants must have a passport
  • All documents must be current and not expired
  • All foreigners must have an entry ticket that is good for the day of entry.


  • The number of guards around the checkpoint has increased to five (from just one) since yesterday. They remain stationed until day 16.
  • Entrant One is a foreigner with valid papers. Approve him/her.
  • Entrant Two is a foreigner missing his or her entry ticket. Point out this discrepancy to get him or her to hand over the entry ticket and then approve him/her, or else just reject the entrant from the start.
  • Entrant Three is an Imporian who will give you a The Pink Vice ad. Approve her.
  • Entrant Five has valid papers, and mentions the terrorist attack from the day prior. Approve him/her.
  • Entrant Six has an invalid entry ticket. Deny him/her.
  • Entrant Eight is a character named Jorji Costava who will be a recurring character in Papers, Please. He will not have any papers whatsoever. In Inspection Mode, point out the rule about an entrant needing a passport and link it with the table to send him off.


Third entrant


  • Hey there.
  • I can make you happy any time.
  • [gives a Pink Vice ad]

Upon approval:

  • Come to Pink Vice. Ask for Ava.

Fifth entrant


  • I heard about terrorist attack.
  • You are lucky to have a job still.

Upon approval:

  • Be safe.


  • Much like was useful on Day One, keep an eye on the entrant’s passport colour. If you see that it is grey, you know he or she is an Arstotzkan and does not need an entry permit. If somebody has a passport of a different colour and no entry permit, you can quickly deny him or her entry.

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