Papers Please Day 4

November 26th, 1982

More requirements are piled on in Day Four. Instead of Entry Tickets, foreigners now require an Entry Permit. Whereas Entry Tickets only had an Entry Day, Entry Permits have an Enter BY date, so as long as the permit has not expired it is good. However, the Entry Permits are also more detailed, with a person’s name, passport number, purpose and duration of visit on the Permit. If the details on the person’s passport and his or her permit do not match up, you must reject him or her.

Read a person’s dialogue when he or she comes in. If his or her reason for visiting or duration of stay does not line up with the entry permit, you must deny him or her. Note that 7 days = 1 week, 30 days = 1 month, and 4 weeks = 1 month, so if a person says they are staying 8 weeks and his or her permit says 2 months, it is not grounds for denial. ‘A few’ can mean either 2 or 3 or 4, so a few weeks can be 2 weeks, 3 weeks or a full 4 weeks/a month. To double- check, match the line from the audio record with the entry permit to be certain the data matches up.

papers please day 4Arstotzkan citizens must also present an ID card. In addition to a photo, name and date of birth, all of which must correspond with the passport (and person in front of you in the case of the photo), the ID card also has a height, weight, and issuing district. You can see the entrant’s physical weight on the lower right corner of the tools in your office to the right of your rulebook, in kilograms (kg). The  person’s height can be read using the measuring lines behind the person and tracing them left to see the line measurements. Finally, the district must be a legitimate district in Arstotzka (you can see this in-game by reading Rulebook – > Regional Map – > Arstotzka).

Audio Transcripts and Fingerprints both become available to use. You may need to use Audio Transcripts if you are not paying sufficient attention to what a foreigner explains as his or her reason for visit and duration of stay.

Fingerprints only see rare use if you choose to interrogate a person over discrepancies such as different height, names, or between appearance and photo. If the fingerprints do not match up, enter Inspection Mode and link the given fingerprints and the fingerprints on record provided. You can then detain that person (starting on Day 5) if the documents still do not match up or otherwise Deny him or her entry.

This day also presents the first two opportunities to get country tokens, which are basically trinket unlockables (and have a related Steam achievement). If you accept certain people in regardless of their validities, you can get the token permanently. The people with the tokens are noted in the Scripted Entries below.

At the end of the day at home, it will be indicated to you that rent will have gone up. This does not take effect on Day 4, but on Day 5 it will have increased from 20 credits per day to 25 credits per day, so again budget accordingly.


  • All entrants must have a passport
  • All documents must be current and not expired
  • All foreigners must have a valid, unexpired entry permit
  • All Arstotzkans must have a valid ID card


  • Entrant Five is a female Imporian wanting to visit her son. She does not have valid documents, but allowing her in anyways will get you the Impor Token and Steam achievement.
  • Entrant Seven has an incorrect name on his or her entry permit. Deny him/her.
  • Entrant Eight is Jorji Costava with a fake passport. Approving his passport will get you the Obristan Token and Steam achievement.
  • Entrant Nine is always an Arstotzkan citizen, but nothing more than that is set in stone.


Third entrant


    • [inspector] What is the purpose of your trip?
  • What? I do not know. To visit?
  • [inspector] Duration of stay?
  • A few days maybe.

When interrogated:

  • [inspector]
    • Where is the entry permit?
    • You have no entry permit.
    • The entry permit is missing.
  • Entry permit? I have ticket here.
  • Let me through.

Upon denial:

  • [inspector] Ticket is not enough any more.
  • [inspector] Get a permit.
  • Bullshit!
  • I paid good money for ticket.

Fifth entrant


  • [inspector] What is the purpose of your trip?
  • I am so happy that the border has opened. 
  • I will visit my son. I have not seen him in 6 years.

When interrogated:

  • Please, let me pass. My son is waiting.

Upon approval:

  • Thank you.
  • [gives the inspector the Impor token]

Upon denial:

  • Curse you.


  • Tokens are collectible and do not serve any purpose beyond that. If you rack up penalties, you can restart the day once you have the Imporian and Obristan Tokens, reject the Fifth entrant and Jorji, and have two citations leeway.

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