Daze Is a New Physical Puzzle Game of 2018 that Makes You to Move Your Body During Different Levels  !

from the past, games and playing have been the messengers of joy and happiness for humans. A large proportion of game’s vitality is because of the movements made during playing. Over the past three decades, after emergence of computer games, there has been a great change in the concept of games. The concept of Game has changed from a group or individual activity associated with physical movements, to sitting down and staring at a bright screen and controlling virtual elements inside the screen.
During these three decades, computer games have been successful to attract people from all ages. However, the inactivity caused by these games for professional gamers, has resulted in complications such as obesity, pain in joints and spinal cord and myopia which is caused by glaring at the phone’s screen.

One of the drawbacks of computer and mobile games in the modern age is the inaction of players while playing these creatures of new technology age.
One of the computer games producing companies that cared about the users physical health, while designing game consoles and engineering them designed the games in a way that player could play by moving his Hands, legs and body using an external device which was attached to the main console. However, unfortunately this external device caused extra charges for gamers and despite many advertisements in different medias couldn’t succeed.
You might think that if a gadget which was specially made for motion gaming couldn’t lead to a desirable result, then forcing gamers to move by recently available technologies and game gadgets is hopeless.

Making games that make the player to move

As time went by and the side-effects of inaction were proved, all the people who were dealing with making games came to the conclusion that they have to provide a strategy to embed movements into the games during playing. However, the attempts of making players to move during playing the game failed for two decades and the only success achieved during this period was the production of game consoles that made gamers to play while they were standing up. Most of these devices were installed in game centers and amusement parks, however except for the early years they weren’t much welcomed by the general public.
These efforts continued until Microsoft company launched an interesting gadget with motion sensors on XBOX-360 console in the early years of the third decade of the advent of computer games. At first, it seemed like this gadget is going to make a great change in the procedure of production of computer games and the media referred to it as a “revolution in the field of computer games”. But, due to imposition of extra costs for the users and lack of proper software support for this device, this gadget’s production stopped and the dream of “Making games that make the player to move” became more unreachable.

Daze New Physical Puzzle Game

However, there are still innovators who design creative android games with the existing facilities and do not impose extra costs to the gamers. Perhaps, after consecutive failures of game producers in the project of “make the player to move” and spending a tremendous amount of time and money, at the beginning, nobody believed that, now Daze Puzzle Team be able to introduce an Android mobile game which can make gamers to move without any console or gadget! But this is true and we want to introduce this Physical Puzzle Game to you.

This Creative Puzzle Game which is released with the name of Daze does not need any extra charge for purchasing any kind of console and you can install it on your android mobile phone for free and enjoy playing it.
The developers of Daze android puzzle game used the features of sensors in mobile phones and designed the game so creatively that you have to move your mobile phone and therefore your muscles in order to play.

At the beginning levels of this Physical Puzzle Game you may be able to pass the levels only by touching the phone’s screen. But as you go further you will realize that in some levels you have to:

  • walk on the screen by your fingers!
  • shake your phone!
  • hold the phone like you are aiming to take a photo and actually take it!
  • rotate your phone around horizontal or vertical axis.
  • rotate your phone like you are aiming to open a water tap!
  • hold the phone above your head!
  • touch the screen reversely!
  • turn to left or right while holding the phone!
  • shake the phone like a saltshaker!
  • and so many other movements that make the gamer move.
daze Physical Puzzle Game

Free Android Puzzle Game

The producers of this game embedded these movements among different levels of the game with their unique design and engineering approaches so you can play it as a gamer with pleasure and in addition to playing a game in a joyful and exciting environment, experience no harm to your health.
This beautiful game is introduced in android platform featuring 100 appealing and creative levels. You can download this puzzle game from google play and enjoy it. The first 50 levels of the game are for free. The player after 50 stage, if satisfied with the game and the process, can pay small amount of in-App purchase, (as much as drinking a coffee!) and then play next 50 steps. Now it is your turn to install this game and share your experience with your friends. May you encourage the producers of this novel android puzzle game to create more and better games in future.

Body Movement and Physical Actions with Daze Game !

This Physical Puzzle Game which is available on Google Play Store under the name of “Tricky Test: 100 Tricky Games – Daze”, doesn’t need extra charges and buying any other devices and you can install it on your Android phone for free. You can play the first 50 levels of the game for free. The player after 50 stage, if satisfied with the game and the process, can pay small amount of in-App purchase, (as much as drinking a coffee!) and then play next 50 steps.
Developers of the Daze has used the features of smart phone sensors and has designed the game in a way that makes you to do physical actions and move your cellphone and also your body to play the game.
The producers have used their unique design and engineering and has put these movements in the game for you to enjoy playing this game as a player and in addition to playing in a happy joyful environment, experience no harm to your physical health.

Physical Puzzle Game