Daze Is a New Relaxing Android Game, Super Relaxing Game, Mind Relaxing Game of 2018

In order to relax and reduce stress caused by daily activities or problems we dealt with there are various task like walking or hiking, watching a movie or reading a book, different sports, listen to some music, spending some time playing with pets or taking care of plants, do a virtual game or have fun with an interesting job like making a handicraft or drawing a painting. All these options will reduces stress caused by pressure of our daily activities temporarily and give us a chilling mood after a long day working.

Mobile Games and stress reduction!?

Maybe at first glance it would sound funny to relax by playing on smartphones. How could this invention of 21st century bring peace which is one of the reasons that causes stress in our modern lifestyle by itself? To answer this question we should mention that we do many of our routine tasks by our smartphones, like when we listen to music, read eBooks or watching our favorite films. Additionally, there are countless mobile games available for us just under our fingertips to entertain and relax our mood everywhere we go and cheer our feelings with joy. No matter if we are alone or among friends and family, after having a meal or just sitting at cafe waiting for an appointment.

Introducing a unique relaxing game

As we talked about it earlier, to relax and reduce stress of our daily activities there are several options to try. Physical activities like walking and sports, mental activities like watching a movie or reading a book or solving puzzles and listen to music, or different kinds of games to play. You will be amazed by the game “Daze”. This Relaxing Mobile Game contains all the possible ways to relax you, either by having physical activity or mental activity and it would entertain while bringing fun moments for you and others. This creative puzzle game is a new unknown world which is built by creativity. Just after starting the game, it will drag you out of your stressful world and take you to a calm and joyful environment like our childhood. This Relaxing Mobile Game is consist of 50 challenges of puzzles and riddles which is appropriate for all ages. It is possible to play in single player or multiplayer. The funny challenges in this game is what makes it unique puzzle game.

Graphic of the Daze game and help to reduce stress

Green and black are two colors used in the graphics of the Daze. Colors green represents peace, calm, nature, growth, freshness and relaxation. Combining green with black gives more pleasing visuals that you never get tired of it.

Music gives more texture and dimension to the graphics. A classical relaxing music brings you a whole different experience from real world. Relaxing music cause your brain to develop dopamine which provides the feeling joy. The background music of this Relaxing Mobile Game realizes the graphic world of it by means of piano, and prevents to feel tired while playing it.

daze Physical Puzzle Game

Gameplay and foundation of Daze Relaxing Mobile Game

Tools and rules of which the game provides for the player in order to play is called gameplay. This Relaxing Mobile Game is a collection of creative puzzles which challenges your knowledge and physical activity. You must solve the riddle and then do whatever it says like finding a treasure on the map and collecting it. Daze uses smartphone sensors and trackers, Sensors like accelerometer, gyroscope and of course touch screen. In most games players are challenged to pass similar levels and more they level up only it gets harder but the actually concept stays the same which suddenly gets boring due to repetition and loose the entertaining effect. But in this android puzzle game, player experience something more than just the game. Levels that require hundreds of mental and physical challenges. These challenges are what brings you joy and entertained in the game.

No internet connection is required, you can play offline anytime anywhere and get rid of your stress. A great tool for you on your way home or work or school to spend some time and play.

Playing with family and groups

We all know the benefits of being with family members. Spending some time with them is so relaxing and refreshing. Daze is an also a multiplayer game which all your family members can play it. The Android Family Game provides an opportunity to gather everyone together and complete the challenges with the help of each other. It brings so much joy and fun to family and friends gatherings and creates memorable moments.

You have a very adorable friend in the Daze Puzzle Game who guides you through all levels and stages in the game. This friend of yours who have a cute funny voice explains rules and basics and when you make a mistake, it will warn you or when you pass a simple stupid challenge it will laugh at you.

Most Puzzle Games have some limitations for each level. These limitations can be time limits which force you to finish the level in a specific time or you will lose. Or it can be limitation in your movements. These limits can cause stress and make the player uncomfortable during the game. In Daze Relaxing Mobile Game there is no limitation and you can play peacefully as you want.

Physical Puzzle Game