Brain Test 4 Level 214 Where is my phone Answer

Brain Test 4 Level 214 Answer

This guide for Brain Test 4 Level 214 (Where is my phone) has everything you need: step-by-step instructions with image and short answer. If you’re stuck on a level in Brain Test 4, we’ve got detailed solutions for you. Looking for the answer to the next level, Brain Test 4 level 215? It’s here! You can also find solutions for all levels in Brain Test 4 Answers.

brain test 4 level 214 answer

Here’s the solution for Brain Test 4 Level 214:

Answer: Drag the left candle from the shelf to the book in her hands.

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About Brain Test 4: Tricky Friends Game: “Brain Test 4 brings a cast of new characters, new customization mechanics, and most importantly all-new brain teasers. We are going ‘back-to-basics’ to refresh the original Brain Test 1 formula with a huge dose of trickiness. Brain Test is an addictive free tricky puzzle game with a series of tricky brain teasers. Different riddles and tricky tests will challenge your mind. Join the Tricky Club, unlock all of its members, and help them overcome tricky situations. Brain Test 4 is catered for the Brain Test veterans who are looking for challenging tricky puzzles to solve.”

Unico Studio presents its latest game in the world of trivia! After successes of Brain Test and Who Is, the highly anticipated Brain Test 4 has finally arrived. Get ready for an amusing journey filled with different levels, requiring you to pass the puzzles and find out the tricks. Use your smart skills and go on through the tricky puzzles in Brain Test 4!

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