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Think outside the box to solve unique puzzles

Daze is a new type of android puzzle games which involves your mind and also makes you to do physical actions and body movements.
Only 5% of players can solves all levels!
Are you up to the challenge ?

Creative Thinking Game
Family Puzzle Game
Physical Puzzle Game
Relaxing Android Game
creative thinking daze
Creative Thinking Game

The Creative Puzzles will require your most creative thinking to move on. You will be shaking, prodding, shouting, dancing, and more. If you are looking for a new challenge that you haven`t done to this moment, We would suggest to install Daze. Among the millions of games available in stores and markets, this is a unique game. In most games, you have a soliloquy style and a game play, and with this solution all the stages of the game are overcome successfully. But in Daze game, each stage requires a fresh solution. 100 creative challenges and 100 new solutions.

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Family Puzzle Game

Fortunately nowadays thousands of group games have been launched in the App Marketplace and you can enjoy them in friendly or family groups. Daze game is one of the best Family Puzzle Games, its joyful and funny challenges can create a memorable moment in your life.
The player has to perform physical tasks through the stages of the game, which may seem hilarious and silly! Doing these challenges especially in Family goroups creates excitement and joy. For example, in one of the stages of the Daze, you are asked to touch the screen of your phone with your nose and do not leave your nose off the screen until it's allowed!

Physical Puzzle Game

this new physical puzzle game is designed in a way that makes you to do physical actions during different levels. Daze Puzzle team have used the features of smart phone sensors and has designed the game in a way that makes you move your cellphone and also your body to play the game!
You may be able to go on by touching the screen in the first few levels of this a physical puzzle game but while you are moving on you’ll recognize that you have to walk on the screen by your fingers, move your phone and…

free android puzzle game
Relaxing Android Game

Maybe at first glance it would sound funny to relax by playing a game on smartphones. How could this invention of 21st century bring peace which is one of the reasons that causes stress in our modern lifestyle by itself ?! You will be amazed by the Daze. This android puzzle game contains all the possible ways to relax you, either by having physical activity or mental activity and it would entertain while bringing fun moments for you, your family members and others.

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I love this game! It constantly keeps me moving and thinking. At first when a friend recommended it to me I was skeptical because it looked a bit childish but this game is both humorous and engaging! Please add more challenges and more levels!
So. Much. Fun!

Love it!

This game turns your cell phone into a separate entity, sort of like a pet, but the pet has to be house trained and you must do the right things to teach it what it needs to know. The programmers have a great sense of humor, and you have a lot fun in the process of figuring it out, as well as a challenge...

Creative, funny game

Unlike a lot of games that are either too intense or too mindless, this was physically and mentally engaging without being taxing. Just the thing to keep me from worrying for a while made me smile. It also made the other people in the waiting room smile especially when I was dancing with my android phone!

Took my mind of worrying

It's definitely a light and fun way to stretch your mind a bit. The first half of the challenges aren't very difficult but get you thinking in unusual ways. Daze is one of those android games that you look at for a second, and then go 'damn, why didn't I think of that?

Enjoyable brain teasers

Daze makes you think and it even interacts with you. I think it's astonishing and I haven't stopped playing it since I got it, This app is so fun and made me smile! Had to put my nose on the screen and my friends laughed so hard. I would recommend.Today !


I got Daze Puzzle app for free, and it stayed on my android phone forever before I finally decided to open it. At first, I was confused because there are no instructions. Luckily, the first couple of plays are easy enough to figure out that no instructions are needed.

Strange but fun !
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