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Papers Please is an adventure video game created by indie game developer Lucas Pope.

Black Border is a similar game to papers please created by bitzooma game studio.

Black Border is now Live on Kickstarter
Two Games Characters
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Two Games Characters

There are more than 1000 different characters in the black border game and also 50 characters with independent story which is one of the most important properties of the game. Meanwhile two opposition groups with weird costumes make interesting part of the story.

Papers Please has 35 fixed characters, In addition to the fixed characters, the game also has scripted minor encounters and procedurally generated entrants whose attributes change every playthrough.

Games Like Papers Please

Daze Puzzle prepare a list of Games Like Papers Please for those want to play games similar to papers please. In addition, the list will be updated continuously. According to the game developer, Lucas Pope, he does not have any plan to produce the android version of papers please. In the following link you can see 8 games like papers please for Android.

Games Like Papers Please

Papers Please Download

Arstotzka’s communist state has just ended a six-year war with neighboring Kolechia, reclaiming its legitimate half of the border town, Grestin. Your job as an immigration inspector is to control the flow of people from Kolechia to Grestin’s Arstotzkan side. Hidden smugglers, spies, and terrorists are among the throngs of immigrants and visitors seeking work.
Papers, Please has been published for various platforms like MacOS (OS X), Linux, Windows, iOS(iPad), PS Vita,…

Papers Please Download
ezic characters

Bart Bonte Games

Blue game is the latest game made by the producer of three successful games Black, Yellow and Red. In this exciting and creative games, you’ll face a different challenge in every level and you should find a specific solution for each. If you faced a level in this games that you couldn’t find its solution and had difficulty for finishing it, follow the below link to see the solution for some of the levels of this games.

Bart Bonte Games Walkthrough
papers please theme
Puzzle Games Review

Papers Please Theme

Papers Please Theme "Main Theme - Papers, Please" is a high quality rip of the…
papers please ios
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5 Games Like Papers Please iOS

  Papers Please iOS Papers Please Compatible with iPad, not iPhone Devices, A reason that…
Games Like Papers Please for Android
Puzzle Games Review

The most similar game to Papers Please for Android

  8 Games Like Papers Please for Android Papers Please is a Point and Click…
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