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There is a general conception about the gaming world which is basically lead up to the PC, Xbox and PS4 games, however, there are quite tons of other small sized, web-based games available as well.

At the first glance, these games might seem pointless and unfunny, nevertheless, plenty of them would be the shining light and stand out among others. For instance, The “Password Game” has become the trend nowadays which we are about to take a closer look at this game and explore what entertainment can it bring us.

Password Game Main

The password game answer ordered by rule number 1-35:

The game is all about 35 rules that you need to apply in order to build up your password. This may seem quit dazzling when it comes to the difficulty of choosing the asked requirements.

Up until the rule number 4 everything keep going smoothly, nonetheless, from the 5th rule, things will get tougher.

The game asks you to include a roman number in your password that could be the begging point of the hardships of the game. To get a better overview of the rules, below is the list of them which you may find interesting.

If you find a rule difficult do not worry, we have made tricky and fast methods to beat it, let’s go.

If you want to finish the password game, you need to know that you are dealing with a puzzle game. That means you need patience and time in order to fulfil each step. What makes this game more adorable, is the puzzles. In case you are confused with puzzles and stuck in some rules, we advise you to check out our website for the solutions that we have already provided for each rule.

You can play this popular game, The Password Game here:

The Password Game Online

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