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The world of puzzles represented by The Password Game is taking the web by storm nowadays. Entertaining mysteries and near-unsolvable puzzles are what make the game even more appealing. The challenges that sometimes make you feel vertigo in your head are lovable by most players, although some others have found it difficult in some ways. In the 25th rule of the game, you are asked: “A sacrifice must be made. Pick two letters that you will no longer need”.

By passing each rule, the level of hardship will rise in a way that you may consider taking a long break in the middle of the game or even quitting it. One of the Rules that add to this tough process, is rule 25. It asks: “A sacrifice must be made. Pick two letters that you will no longer be able to use”.

Password Game Rule 25

The Solution to Rule 25 of the Password Game

The request is vivid and clear, however acting to do so is going to be not wanting because it may conflict with other rules. The best thing you can do about this rule is to find and delete two of the most unusable letters in your password that might be of less use.

As a hint, you can pick out one of these letters: J, X, Z, Q, as they come as the least usable letters in the English language.

Most of the Password Game rules are quite dependent on each other and if you are willing to continue with the game flow, you need to conform to this rule too.

If you are feeling nuts about puzzles and mysteries, especially The Password Game, then keep track of our articles and walkthroughs as we shine the light on them.

The Password Game Answers All Rules

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