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Wordle February 5 2024 Today’s Answer

You can see updated answers for Wordle daily puzzle on this post. The newest New York Times game is becoming more popular every day. You have some attempts to find the answer, first, you guess a word, and then with the color clues it gives for each letter, you should guess your next word. It may seem simple at first, but if the word is a little obscure to you, it will challenge your mind.

We have put Wordle 5 February (wordle 961) answer and the clues and screenshot on this page. Hope you enjoy playing this satisfying game. We are waiting for you tomorrow for new daily puzzles. If the game is too difficult for you, don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comments. You can find all Wordle Daily Puzzle Answers Here.

wordle february 5 2024 daily puzzle answer

Here is today’s Wordle 5 February 2024 Answer #961:

Answer : REPEL.

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wordle daily puzzle

“If you have challenges to find the answer, the best way is to eliminate as many as letters you can by guessing words with non-repetitive letters. It is important that what is your starting word, for example, a word with two same letters like “gloom”, is not a good option to start with. You can even search 5-letter words, it will help you to remember if you have forgotten a word or they are not familiar to you. Your word knowledge will increase soon and the next days’ puzzles would be more simple to you.”

If you need more help please watch the detailed walkthrough in this video:

You can play this popular word puzzle game, Wordle here:

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