Pink Puzzle Game Answers All Levels [1-50] (Updated)

Pink Game is the newest puzzle game made by Bart Bonte (the producer of other color games like, Yellow, Red, Black, Blue and Green). In this page you are able to find all the hints, cheats, answers, images, video walkthrough and the short answer for all levels of pink puzzle game. Pink game is a creative and exciting color puzzle game with 50 challenging levels. You’ll face a new challenge in every level and you have to find the specific solution and turn the screen pink to pass the level! If you’re looking for a simple yet exciting mobile game to play, then Pink is for you! If you ever had problem with solutions or anything else, feel free to make us happy with your comments.

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About Pink Puzzle Game: “Can you make the screen pink in 50 levels? Each level has its own logic. It’s here, the next part of my colour puzzle series! After ‘yellow’, ‘red’, ‘black, ‘blue’ and ‘green’ it’s time to solve 50 new conundrums!”

You can download and play this brand new tricky puzzle game, Who Is? here :

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Pink Game Answers All Levels (Updated) :

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