The Rogue Prince of Persia is out now

The Rogue Prince of Persia is a new game in early access mode, developed by Evil Empire Studio being managed by Erik Bigglestone, Gwendolyn Reza, and Sean Gore. And Ubisoft is the publisher of this side-scrolling roguelike video game.

The mentioned game is a platforming and fast-paced combat kind of game. This game intends to fast forward to the battle in purpose of saving Persia.

The Rogue Prince of Persia

How does the early access work?

On May 27 2024 the early access of The Rogue Prince of Persia launched out. Due to the statement of the Evil Empire studio, their intention of this action is to communicate with the players to get the best ideas for future updates and improve the game as well. As stated, they plan on keeping the early access for around a year. But it all depends on whether there are any improvements yet to come, if so, they will add a couple of months to the early access so that they can fix the bugs and make sure they will release the best version of the game.

The Rogue Prince of Persia

Differences between the full version and the early access

As Evil Empire mentioned earlier, they plan on adding more stuff to the full version, such as weapons, bosses, levels, and features, besides the meta progressions. It`s good to know that the current version of the game contains six levels and two bosses, alongside multiple primary and secondary weapons. Evil Empire also approved that they plan to increase the amount of features from the Early Access release to the 1.0 one.

The Rogue Prince of Persia

What is the storyline of this game?

as a consequence of the prince of Persia`s actions, the Huns who are the nomadic people ranging from Eastern Europe to the Caucasus decided to invade Persia. Due to this action, so many innocent people are dying. at this point, the prince decides to take the responsibility and save the people.

In this 2D platformer game, you have some weapons as well as fast-paced acrobatic skills that can be used for killing enemies, which leads you to save so much money to purchase several various armaments.

The Rogue Prince of Persia

The soundtracks of The Rogue Prince of Persia

It`s interesting to know that there are eleven soundtracks made for this action game, which is going to be released officially on May 31, 2024.

Here are the titles of the tracks:

  1. The Rogue Prince of Persia
  2. Whispering Waters
  3. Sacred Fire
  4. Last Wind
  5. The Corrupted
  6. Ashes of Knowledge
  7. Prince’s Mistake
  8. The Unstoppable
  9. Ravine’s Sovereignty
  10. Verdant Sight
  11. Hero’s Rest
The Rogue Prince of Persia

Some of these tracks have been uploaded on Youtube channels which left the listeners in shock of how melodious they were. Due to Persian people`s statements, these songs finally are what really show the Persian music culture, since the producers used the traditional musical instruments of this culture. some of the tracks are a combination of classical and modern instruments that seem to be really interesting for the listeners.

The Price of the Rogue Prince of Persia

You can get this great 2D Roguelite action game for $21,69 on their official website.

NOW are you ready to save Persia?

The Rogue Prince of Persia

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