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Brain Test Level 99 What is the minimum number of chairs

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Brain Test Level 99 (Updated): “What is the minimum number of chairs we need for the dinner” complete walkthrough including image hint, gameplay video and the short answer. If you faced a level in the Brain Test Game that you couldn’t find its answer, follow us to see detailed hints and solutions. You can find the answer for next level, brain test level 100 here and the answers for all levels here.

What is the minimum number of chairs brain testbrain test level 98 answer

Here’s the solution for Brain Test Level 99 What is the minimum number of chairs:

Answer: Granny (1) + children (3) + spouses and their children (6) + aunt (1) = 11. The answer is 11.

All Answers for Brain Test (Updated to latest version): Brain Test Answers

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  • Axhle says:

    I think that the correct answer is still wrong, because where are you going to sit?!

    • Daze Puzzle says:

      Thanks for your feedback. ?

    • Rick says:

      You are one of the Aunt’s nephews. But yeah, their explanation is wrong but the answer is still 11. In their explanation they count the Aunt twice as she is already counted as one of the granny’s children or one of their spouses. The real extra person is the Aunts child because every couple has AT LEAST 1 child and the Aunt has 3 nephews. Meaning the Aunt also has at least one child making a minimum of 4 grandchildren.

  • Ty says:

    The answer is 11 but it’s wrong. It should be 10 or 1 or 0. Your aunt might have 3 nephews doesn’t Mean that they’re on your side of her family all or some of those 3 nephews could be on her Husband’s side. There for the only ones we are certain of are granny 3 daughters 3 husbands and the 3 children (10). Then again who’s to say how many people will be coming for supper; there is no indication if everyone is joining, you could be eating alone (1). Or what if you are part of a culture that doesn’t use chairs (0).

    • Daze Puzzle says:

      Thanks for your feedback. ?

    • Rick says:

      Nah man it is 11. Each of the 3 couples has AT LEAST 1 child each and the Aunt has 3 nephews. That means 1 of the couples has 2 kids, one of the couples has 1 kid and don’t forget the Aunt and her husband has at least 1 kid too. The explanation given on this site isn’t right because they just count the Aunt twice for some reason even though she is already counted as one of the Granny’s children or spouses, but the answer is still 11. Granny +1, her children +3, spouses +3, her nephews +3 and her child +1……….( 1+3+3+3+1=11)

  • Jennifer says:

    Can anyone explain why the answer is 11? i’m so confused..

    • Daze Puzzle says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      Granny (1) + children (3) + spouses and their children (6) + aunt (1) = 11.
      Thank you for your feedback. 🙂

      • Bio Joe says:

        Not necessarily – a more specific solution (but with the same answer) is:
        Granny = 1
        Her child 1 (say, male, so an uncle) + her child 2 (say, female, so the Aunt) + her child 3 (your parent) = 3
        Uncle’s wife + Aunt’s husband + parent’s spouse = 3
        Uncle’s kid (say, male, so Aunt’s nephew 1) + Aunt’s kid + yourself (have to assume male, to minimize the number of seats = Aunt’s nephew 2) + you must have a brother (unless Uncle’s kid, instead, has a brother = Aunt’s nephew 3) = 4

        That’s Granny (1) + her children (3, which includes the Aunt, which is why the solution I’m responding to is not accurate, because it double-counts the Aunt) + their spouses (3) + grandchildren (4)* = 11

        *There have to be at least four grandchildren, because your aunt has to have three nephews (male offspring of her brothers), and she herself has to have at least one child, according to the question. 3+1 = at least 4 grandchildren.

  • James john says:


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