Champing at the bit NYT Crossword Clue

Today’s answer (Monday, June 10th, 2024) for “Champing at the bit” is EAGER (Down 3). It’s a straightforward solution! If you’re looking for today’s NYT Mini Crossword answers, be sure to check out our answers section. The NYT Mini publishes daily crosswords that challenge players to find the answers. Struggling to find an answer? We’ve got you covered.

“Champing at the bit” is an idiom that means someone is very impatient to do something.

Here’s a breakdown:

Champing: This refers to a horse chewing on its bit (the metal mouthpiece it wears) impatiently.

Bit: This is the part a horse chews on in the idiom, but it also contributes to the overall meaning of being restrained.

So, literally, the image is of a horse so eager to race that it can’t stop chomping on its bit. Figuratively, it describes someone who is restless, excited, and absolutely cannot wait to get started on something they’re prevented from doing, often due to circumstances beyond their control.

The Answer for Champing at the bit NYT Crossword Clue is:

EAGER (Down 3)

Champing at the bit

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