Black level 22 Complete Walkthrough and Hints

Black Game is the newest puzzle game made by Bart Bonte (the producer of two successful games, Yellow and Red). Passing different levels of this game is not difficult, you just need some precision, concentration and creativity. If you faced a level in Black that you couldn’t find its solution and had difficulty finishing it, follow us to see Black Level 22 detailed hints and solutions with video Hints and complete step-by-step walkthrough.

Black Level 22 Walkthrough and Hints

In level 22 of the “Black Game” there are fourteen white diamonds. Each of them contains a few black solid points.  The number of dots on each diamond means the number of steps for the next touch. By touching each diamond the color of it will turn black. Then march in the direction of the points and touch the next diamond. Continue the same process until all diamonds are touched and the entire screen becomes black.

black level 22

In this game, there are some hints for every level. By touching the help button and then watching some Ads, you will be able to see them. for black level 22, there are two hints:

  • Hint 1: dots shows how many positions after you have to click.
  • Hint 2: verticle dots points in the vertical direction and horizontal in horizontal direction.

If you are unable to solve using hints you can watch detailed easy walkthrough I solved in this video :

BLACK Puzzle Game All Level Solutions and Video Walkthrough [1-50]

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