DOP 2 Level 86 Find the monument Answer

DOP 2 Level 86 Walkthrough

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DOP 2: Delete One Part Level 86 Find the monument, complete walkthrough including images, video gameplay and the short answer are given in this post. If you faced a level in DOP 2 that you can not find out what’s the answer, follow us to see the detailed walkthrough. You can find the solution for next level, DOP 2 level 87 here and since the levels maybe different in each device, you can find all levels by image or search the title here.

Dop 2 level 86 answer

Here’s the solution for DOP 2 Level 86:

Answer: Rub your finger on the big rocks.

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About DOP 2: Delete One Part Game: “Welcome to DOP 2: Delete One Part – a new tricky game, which bring you new experience in solving puzzles. Combine your imagination and brain skills to solve the riddles. Each level is a brain teaser, where you decide what to erase to pass the level. Come experience the fun!”

Another new tricky game from SayGames studio, creators of great mobile games, DOP: Draw One Part and Brain Wash is here! Let’s challenge your mind by playing DOP 2. There are a lot of different levels here, you should find out what to erase to pass the level, So clean your brain first, because you should clean the levels as a sweeper!

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