Brain Blow Answers All Levels Updated in 2024

In this page you will find complete walkthrough for all levels of “Brain Blow”, Another brain game from CASUAL AZUR GAMES studio is here! Let’s challenge your mind by playing Brain Blow. There are a lot of different levels here, Playing with numbers, Finding the passwords, Feed the animals, Help the people in difficult situations and more loveable levels. After a while you will find your mind more creative. If you ever had problem with solutions or anything else, feel free to make us happy with your comments.

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You can see all answers on this page, but if you want there is a Brain Blow answer page level by level (350 level).


L1: Find the biggest object on the screen

Tap on the watermelon.

L2: Find the apple that’s different

Move all the apples, there is a bitten apple behind one of them, tap it.

L3: What’s the highest?

Just tap on the sun.

L4: Find something you can’t eat

Drag the chicken somewhere, then tap on the nest.

L5: Which cup will fill up first?

Drag the number 2 cup somewhere, then enter 5 as the answer.

L6: Guess the number under the token

Drag the token somewhere, then enter 13 as the answer.

L7: Find the hiding duckling

Hold the duck with your finger then shake it.

L8: Find the largest fire

Drag the two small fires with the middle one, then drag it to the largest to merge them, now tap on it.

L9: Which shape has the most sides?

Tap on the purple circle, actually it’s not exactly a circle.

L10: How many triangles are there in the pentagram?

The answer is 11.

L11: Help the baby kitten drink milk

Easy, drag the kitten next to the milk as you see in picture above.

L12: What’s the darkest color on the screen?

Tap on the question, its color is black.

L13: What color prevails here?

Tap on “White”, most of the screen is white.

L14: How many hairs are left on grandpa’s head?

Drag his fake hairs aside, then enter 3.

L15: Find the baby duck

Look at this picture, we have found it for you, the yellow one which has no tumbleweed.

L16: Breakfast time! find what you can eat

Look at the picture above, first drag the red flower aside and put the two peppers to the pan, then drag the pink flower aside and put the albumen to the pan, at the end drag the sun as the yolk on it.

L17: How many bugs do you see?

Drag the stone aside, now we have 9 bugs.

L18: Hit the Jackpot

Drag 10 of hearts next to the cards.

L19: Wake up the kitten

Tap on his paw for 3 times.

L20: Find the odd hand out

Tap on all 4 hands, then tap on the right hand which is pointing down.

L21: It’s a race! Help the piglet win

Hold on chicken and the dog with two fingers and tap the Start with a third finger, they can’t move and the pig will win.

L22: Find something you can eat

First drag the yellow liquid out of the red bucket, then drag the blue painting aside and move the pink flower leaves on the opening part of bucket, at the end drag the bone behind the bucket to have meat as you see in picture above.

L23: Get to the bone

Don’t do anything with the dog, just drag the bone to dog.

L24: Put everything in the box

Drag all the item into the box, then drag the question to the box too.

L25: Buy an elephant

Just tap on the word “Buy” which is under the “Watch” button.

L26: Put the square into the frame

Zoom out on it until it gets red, then drag it to fill the frame.

L27: How many ants do you see on the screen?

Zoom in on the stone, there are 8 other ants on it, so enter 16 as the answer.

L28: Put all the coins in the piggy bank. How many coins are in there now?

Put the coins in the piggy bank then tap on it 3 times, now there are 13 coins, enter it.

L29: How many goats do you see on the screen?

The answer is 13, one in the middle is not a goat.

L30: Whack-a-mole

Get the mole by hold on it and drag it to the hammer.

L31: Pick the best fruit

Tap on all of them except apple to see the worms, then tap on the apple.

L32: Can you solve the equation?

Drag the horizontal line of 7 on the other side of the equal sign and and change it to 2, as you see in picture above.

L33: Catch a fish

Drag the hook up and out of the sea to see the fish.

L34: Find 8 animals in the picture

Drag the cloud on the sun, now tap on all 8 animals as you see in this picture.

L35: Close the window

Tap on the both windows to close them, then swipe on the both side on curtains to close them.

L36: What number will the hour hand point to in 4 hours?

It’s a picture of a clock and the hands don’t move, so answer is 3.

L37: Which of these ice creams is the real one?

Put the cloud aside to see the sun, now tap the ice cream which melts.

L38: Find book No6

Tap on the No 9 book, actually it’s 6 but upside down.

L39: What color is the triangle?

Tap on the yellow button which is written “Blue” on it.

L40: Find the hexagon

Look at this picture, drag the green square under the blue square.

L41: Open the door

Just swipe left on the door from the yellow circle.

L42: Correct the equation

Rub your finger on the extra foot of “R” to remove it and make it “P”.

L43: Protect the planet from the asteroids

Tap on all the asteroids that are coming to hit the earth.

L44: How many ice cream cones do you see?

There are two more ice creams behind the second one from right in bottom row, and one more behind the right one in top row, drag them between the others, now answer is 11.

L45: Make it so the river flows

Tap the rock a few times to break it.

L46: Correct the directions

Turn your phone to the right, now it’s correct.

L47: Help the ostrich hide

Swipe his head down into the ground.

L48: What’s the number under the car?

Rotate your phone upside down to see the numbers from the other side, it should be 87.

L49: Open the chest

Hold your finger on its lid and swipe up to open it.

L50: Find the mother duck

Put your finger on screen and drag up all of them, the mother duck comes up, tap on it.

L51: Find the carrot

Drag all of them up, then drag the soil down and tap on the carrot.

L52: Find the number 8

Look at the picture here, we have found it for you.

L53: Paper must win

First drag the rock to all the scissors, then drag the paper to the rocks.

L54: Tap the dragonfly above the text

Drag the text under all of them, then tap on the dragonfly.

L55: Which glass is glass

Move them left to fall them to ground, then tap the broken glass.

L56: Find the hidden stars

Shake your phone to confuse them.

L57: Tap all of the numbers in order

Tap them in order, just remember their places would change together.

L58: Complete the maze and reach the end

Reach the Exit from out of the maze, not from inside of it.

L59: Who is the mother

Tap on the egg 3 times to break it, then tap on the chicken.

L60: Wake up the bat

Drag out the sun out of the screen.

L61: Help grandma across the street

Drag the street to right and behind the grandma.

L62: Light the 3rd lamp

The 3rd lamp is the lamp Number 4, press pause when it lights.

L63: Why doesn’t this cat catch mice?

Zoom out on the screen, it’s just a painting of a cat.

L64: Help the hamster squeeze into its hole

Rub your finger on its cheeks, now it can get to its hole.

L65: It’s too bright! Help the boy get to sleep

Put the screen brightness of your phone to the least, now he can sleep.

L66: Inflate the balloon

Hold your finger on the balloon’s lip to inflate it, remember, if you lift your finger sooner or later, you lose.

L67: Help the squirrel get his nut

Hold your finger on the ice to melt it, now give it to the squirrel.

L68: Grandma needs to cross the road again!

Tap on the red light next to her, then tap on the green color.

L69: Find the worm!

Drag the question text down, the worm is behind it, now tap on it.

L70: Find the Great Bear

Hold your finger on the baby bear and shake it until his dad comes to protect it.

L71: Please help turn on the toaster

Use two fingers and hold on the both detached parts of the red wire.

L72: How many dolls can you see here?

There are five dolls in the big one, drag them out one by one and enter 5 as the answer.

L73: Find the largest rectangle

Zoom out on the screen, all of them are in a larger frame.

L74: Find brightest star in the sky

Swipe on the sky left until you see the biggest star, then tap on it.

L75: Put all the figures in the frames

Drag the red circle over the white one, then drag the yellow trapeze over the white trapeze, at the end drag the green square on the yellow trapeze too.

L76: Feed the mouse

Drag the apple to the mouse to eat.

L77: Dad’s coming! Hide the phone

Put your finger on the phone and hold on it a few seconds.

L78: Find green color

Drag the light blue color over the yellow one, now it’s green and tap on it.

L79: Write the word brain

Tap the letters in this order: N, A, R, I, B.

L80: Pack your suitcase for a vacation

Look at the picture here and drag all the items to the suitcase like this.

L81: Find coffee

Tap on the word “coffee” in the text.

L82: Find the cat

Drag the red yarn and put it next to the cat which is hiding behind the sofa.

L83: How do you build a ship in a bottle?

Just shake your phone.

L84: Cook some vegetable soup

Drag the cabbage, onion and the carrot to the pot.

L85: Solve the equation!

Rotate your phone to see the answer correctly.

L86: Help the kid eat his ice cream

Drag the middle lumber right, now move the kid with left direction to reach his ice cream.

L87: How many cats are in the room?

Tap on the light switch under the clock to turn it off, there is an other cat there, now turn on the light and enter 5 as the answer.

L88: How many donuts do you see?

Move all the donuts, there are 3 other more under them, then drag the “Clear” button aside, there are 3 donuts there too, now enter 12 as the answer.

L89: How many birds are sitting on the tree?

Shake your phone, then enter 0 as the answer.

L90: Empty the glass

Rotate your phone to empty the glass.

L91: Who’s the killer! Solve the crime!

Tap on the lampshade 6 times to turn it off and on, each time one of them will disappear, now tap on the woman who has a knife in her hand.

L92: The boy lost his penny! Where is it?

Swipe on the dog’s food can to open it, then drag it to the dog, now tap on the coin 2 times.

L93: Find the bear

Drag the woman on the green circle, the bear will comes out.

L94: Beat John in tic-tac-toe to keep going!

Use two fingers and tap on both spots to draw the line.

L95: What is the minimum number of cuts needed to cut the circle into 8 equal parts?

You can do this with one cut, enter 1 to see how it’s possible.

L96: Beat the level

Drag the question text between the two parts like a bridge, now you can go the other side.

L97: Turn the light on!

Use two fingers and hold on both the battery and the lamp, now your hand is a wire!

L98: Hit the target with all darts

No other way, try to hit it with all darts, remember the rotate direction changes.

L99: Push the button!

Drag the blue arrow in right side of the button aside, there is a small button behind it, now tap on it.

L100: Help the baby fall asleep

Just shake your phone, he falls asleep.

L101: Tap the red square 10 times and then the green square 5 times

Tap the red square 10 times but one of your tap counts 2 times, so the number next to the red square should be 11 and the green square 5.

L102: Cook some vegetable soup

Turn your phone upside down, the sock comes out, now drag the onion, carrot and the cabbage into the pot.

L103: Feed the piglet

Rub your finger on the pig, it moves and drag the straw to piglet.

L104: Set the Christmas tree alight!

Zoom out on the screen, now drag the gas and the matches to the tree.

L105: Put 4 apples into the basket

Shake your phone then drag the 3 apples to the basket, now move the tree and drag the other apple which is behind it to the basket.

L106: Push the red button!

Hold on the red button with one finger and tap it with another finger at the same time.

L107: Is the glass half full or half empty?

Half of it is full and half is empty, so tap both buttons with two fingers.

L108: Free the elephant!

Turn your phone upside down, now drag the key which comes out of the pot to the lock of the cage.

L109: Correct the equation

There is a hidden dash behind the third 5, drag it over the equal symbol to make the equation correct.

L110: Which cube is unwrapped?

Note number 3 and compare the position of other numbers to it, so the third cube from left is correct, enter 3 as the answer.

L111: Which of these playing dies is the odd one out?

Drag the dices in front of the mirror, one of them has the number 7! tap on it.

L112: Which symbol can be put between 4 and 5 to get a number greater that 4, yet smaller than 5?

The symbol is “dot”, 4.5 is smaller than 5 and greater than 4.

L113: How many berries are in the picture?

Just banana, pineapple and apple are not berries, so if we count the 2 cherries, the answer is 5.

L114: Find the correct answer

Yellow bird is 10, pig is 20, red bird is 5, so the answer should be 20, now drag one of the pigs which is equals 20 on the other side of equation.

L115: Get the crystal!

First drag up the right vertical key, wait until the red liquid drain out, now drag the top and bottom horizontal keys into left to reach the crystal.

L116: How many triangles are in the picture? (Hint: there are less than 19)

Drag one of the triangles out of the shape, now there are 7 triangles, enter 7 as the answer.

L117: Turn on the minimal number of faucets to make water run

Look at the picture here, tap on this two green faucets and press OK.

L118: Take the toy out of the bottle

Zoom out on the toy, then turn your phone upside down.

L119: Give the kitten a little scratch

Rub your finger on its ear for 3 seconds.

L120: Get to the end of the level

Turn your phone upside down, so he can reach the end from the other side.

L121: Park the car

Use the directions and pass the right side of screen, now there is a empty park there for you.

L122: Find all items in the picture

Look at the picture here, we have found them for you.

L123: Protect the rocket and hold it down for 15 seconds

Drag the word “Protect” from the text to the rocket.

L124: Get the picture from the book

Turn your phone to right, the picture comes out and then tap it.

L125: Hit all pins with one strike!

Zoom in on the ball, now it’s big enough to hit all the pins.

L126: Make cards disappear

Rub your finger on all of the cards.

L127: Select the biggest number

The biggest number will appear on left, then right, then left, again left, at the end on right.

L128: Continue the sequence

The next is definitely E, but part of it is written, so if you enter F it will be correct.

L129: Help the cat win!

Drag the cat to the hen to change their horses, now press Start.

L130: Can you get all the sweets?

Drag the thread from her right hand to her left hand.

L131: Hit the target with all darts one more time

Zoom in on the target, now you should hit all the darts, be careful of the rotation direction.

L132: Hit the hole

Tilt your phone to move the ball to the hole.

L133: Enter the password

Zoom in on the words he saying, 3 dots are in fact the numbers, it’s 837, now zoom out and enter it as the answer.

L134: Open the cryptex lock

Drag up or down in each row to change the letters and write the password which is “BRAIN”.

L135: Fill up the glass

Drag the kettle with one finger above the glass and while you are holding it, tilt it with another finger so that fill up the glass.

L136: Charge the phone

Connect your charger to the phone.

L137: Turn on the minimal number of faucets to make water run

You need just to turn on 2 faucets, look at the picture above to see them.

L138: Find all items in the picture

Look at the picture here, we have found them for you.

L139: Park the car

Drag the yellow car and put it aside, now use the directions and park your car.

L140: Put the leg on the head

Drag the word “leg” and put it above the word “head”.

L141: What time is now

Enter the exact time of your phone now you are reading this.

L142: Mom’s sleeping! Keep quiet

Hold the volume down button of your phone to silent it.

L143: Win the fight!

Drag the red “YOU” sign and put it over the other guy’s head, now punch the other boy to win.

L144: Find all items

Look at the picture here, we have found them for you.

L145: Defeat the monster!

Drag the eraser and rub it on the red HP box to erase it.

L146: Win the tic-tac-toe game!

Drag the circle next to the “You:” and put it on the top right spot, then tap on the bottom right spot.

L147: Open the cryptex again

You should rearrange the letters so that form a word, the answer is SMART.

L148: Enter the password

Drag the word “password” from the text and put it in the white rectangle on the screen.

L149: Win the rock

After you choose rock, shake your phone.

L150: Crack the safe

Rotate the yellow circle then swipe left on the handle, do this every time until it opens.

L151: Fill the glass with water

The gravity will help you, turn your phone upside down, then turn it to left and again turn it left.

L152: Go through the maze

Tilt your phone to move the ball, the path is given in video below.

L153: Try to repeat the tune

Tap them in this order: green, red, blue, purple.

L154: Move the numbers to make an equation

The equation is: (4+8)/4=3, the other “4” is in level number, drag it to the equation.

L155: Help the hero reach the star

Drag the right land a little up, now jump on it and then jump to the star.

L156: Move the cube closer to the green ball

Put one finger on red ball and an other finger on green ball, then rotate it 180 degree.

L157: Which glass has more water in it?

Drag the screen left, there is an other full glass there, tap on it.

L158: How many squares are in the picture?

Keyboard buttons are squares too, so the answer is 27.

L159: Drive the ball in the green hole

After you swipe the spring up, tilt your phone to the green hole.

L160: Turn this pyramid in 3 moves

Look at the picture above and you can get help from the video below.

L161: Looks like one cog is missing

Drag the word “cog” from the text and drop it where a cog is missing.

L162: Fill the glass with water again

Tap on the reservoir 4 times.

L163: Open the door one more time

Swipe on the doormat right, then drag the key from under it to the lock.

L164: Can you put the bear in the box

Zoom in on the box, then drag the bear into it.

L165: Where is the black sheep

Drag the word “black” from the text to one of the sheep.

L166: Send the ciphered message

For dots tap on the screen and for dashes hold your finger on the screen.

L167: The clock doesn’t go. Wind it up

Rotate your phone by 360 degrees.

L168: How many squares you see in the screen?

The yellow part is a square too, the answer is 14.

L169: Find the cat in the dark room

Drag the lamp from top right corner to middle of the screen.

L170: Help our hero get to the star again

Use two fingers and rotate on the screen by 180 degrees so that the ice be on the bottom, now you can easily get to the star.

L171: Count all the Christmas decorations

Tap on the tree 5 times, now count them, don’t forget the star, the answer is 12.

L172: Help the truck cross the bridge

Start and hold your finger on the middle broken part of the bridge to let the truck cross.

L173: Feed the crocodile

Swipe on the left chain, then drag the right chain red circle so that give it the meat.

L174: Place all the figures in the field

Look at the picture here for solution. To rotate the purple one tap on it.

L175: Type the maximal number

The biggest 3-digits number is 999, enter it.

L176: Make the colors inside the square match the example

Drag the example square on middle of the big square, now zoom in on it.

L177: Get the crystal!

Tap on the wooden box, then drag out the right key, then drag out the middle key.

L178: Light the candle

Drag the candle and put it on the word “Light” in the text.

L179: Tap 100

Drag the circle aside, there’s another circle behind it which has 100, tap it.

L180: How many phones can be charged at once

Some of the outlets are broken, the answer is 4.

L181: Win the fight

Start and hold your finger on the opponent’s gun.

L182: Make a pizza!

Every time you should tap on a circle, try to complete one of them as you see in picture here.

L183: How many leaves are on the tree?

Shake your phone, then enter 19 as the answer.

L184: Find number 9

Tap on the 9 in the question text.

L185: Pick 4 apples

Tap on the banana and rename it to “apple”, now you have 4 apples, tap on them.

L186: Find 3 fake cards

Look at the picture here, Ace, Six and the King are fake.

L187: Solve the example

Drag the ball and cup aside, now answer is 11.

L188: Connect the dots into one line

Get help from video below.

L189: Light the match on the striker strip

Rub the head of match on the word “striker strip” in the text.

L190: Light the lamp!

Drag the red plug up, then zoom out on the screen, drag the wire to the outlet and drag down the red plug.

L191: Go through the maze

Tilt your phone to move the ball, you can find the path in video below.

L192: Find the cat!

Just swipe right on the screen.

L193: How many phones can be charged at once?

One extension cord is different from others, the answer is 11.

L194: Rubik’s cube again. Twist and turn it so the numbers add to 17

Swipe on squares to get the numbers you want.

L195: Heads or tails?

Drag one of the buttons and merge it with the other one, now tap on it.

L196: Mark the segments in order of ascension

Look at the picture here, that’s the order.

L197: Grow a flower

Drag the sun out of the screen from left bottom corner, then do this for the moon too, now drag the cloud on the sun.

L198: Finish drawing the tower

Tap on the blue squares you see in picture here.

L199: Make the equation true

Put the plus signs correct so complete this equation: 3+1 2+4 5 = 2+3+1+5 4.

L200: Start the hour glass

Turn your phone upside down.

L201: Help get the splinters out of the kitten

Hold your finger on the ice to melt it, then drag the key to the first aid box, now drag the tweezers to his hand.

L202: Solve the puzzle

The last picture is shown here, now you can solve the puzzle.

L203: Put all the T-shaped figures on the board

Look at the picture here, you should put them in this way. Tap them to change their direction.

L204: Find the left hand

Swipe on the screen left and then tap on his left hand.

L205: Help the squirrel get its nut

Drag the setting logo from top left corner and put it between the two big gears.

L206: Restart the game

Tap on the refresh logo which is on top middle of the screen.

L207: Find the card which matches the first one below

Tap on the top left card, then drag it and put it next to the other one and tap it again.

L208: Get the crystal

First drag the bottom left key right, then drag the bottom key down, then drag the top key up to let the red liquid fall, now drag the top left key left and the top right key right and use directions to reach the crystal.

L209: Find the card which matches the first one below

Drag the red circle and put half of it out of the screen as you see in picture here.

L210: Pop all the balloons

Drag all the balloons to the word “pop” in the text.

L211: Solve the dinosaur puzzle

Drag the pieces in their correct place as you see in picture here.

L212: Which cup has the most water?

Swipe up on all the items, then tap on the cup which has feather.

L213: Which balloon will pop first?

Choose one balloon and when they start going up hold on the two other balloons with two fingers to don’t let them move.

L214: Shake out 5 candies

Swipe on its door up to open it, then tilt your phone to right to take out them one by one.


First swipe into right on the line which is over the ant’s head, then swipe on the ant into up and then right.

L216: Wake up the elephant

Hold your finger for a few seconds on the elephant trunk tip.

L217: Light all the lamps

Start from the first lamp in top right and tap on the pipes to correct their direction and reach the power logo.

L218: Launch the spacecraft!

Enter 10 and tap OK to start the countdown.

L219: Reach the flower

Hold “Go” button and tilt your phone into left every time to move a bit closer the flower.

L220: Order something to eat

Tap on the TV remote control and tap on its red button, now tap on the phone and call the number 4321 which is shown on TV.

L221: Mix two colors

Hold your finger on its opening and shake your phone.

L222: The little boy needs to go potty, help him!

Swap the men and women symbols together.

L223: Feed the cookie to both

Place one finger to the left and one finger to the right of the cookie and swipe in the opposite direction to split in half.

L224: Help the girl take a selfie

Tap on the volume and side button of the phone at the same time to take a picture.

L225: Buy the best house

Merge two similar houses to have a better house each time.

L226: Get inside the store

Tap on the “CLOSED” tag and type “OPEN” instead of it.

L227: Help the mouse reach the cheese

You should tap on 4 red obstacles to reach the cheese, look at the picture here to see them.

L228: Catch the thief!

Shake your phone to confuse him and then drag the manacle to him.

L229: Take all of the decorations down from the Christmas tree

Drag all the decorations to the box, then swipe on the tree into right to see the other side, now drag the other decorations to box.

L230: Water the vegetable patch

Zoom out on the cloud with two fingers.

L231: How can we develop this photo?

Shake your phone for a few seconds.

L232: If I snuff three matches out, how many be left over?

All will burn, so the answer is 3.

L233: Measure your temperature

Hold your finger on its mercury bulb.

L234: Which book has more pages?

Swipe right on the books, then tap on the red one.

L235: Make the donkey move

Drag the carrot in front of the donkey’s face.

L236: Find the thief

It’s in middle left side of the picture behind the green couch.

L237: Help me repair this laptop

Drag the word “repair” from the text to the laptop.

L238: Enter the password

Drag the the mirror and put it in right side of the pink paper, the password is “080”, enter it.

L239: Shake the snowglobe

Hold your finger on it and shake it.

L240: Summer is over

Drag the cloud behind the sun, then shake your phone.

L241: Open the safe

Swipe right on the book to see the pattern, now enter 41236 and tap the green button.

L242: The boy wants to go for a walk but the weather is terrible, how can we help him?

Drag the left picture on the wall and put it on the window, then zoom in on it.

L243: Get this party started!

Tap 10 times on the light switch.

L244: This cat wants 2 fish and 4 sausages

Swap the numbers 2 and 4 in the text together.

L245: Why aren’t we moving?

Swipe left on the screen, then tap on the blue car to wake up the driver.

L246: Help the boy catch the fish

Move the plants to find the fish behind them, then drag it to the hook.

L247: Help the turtle onto its feet!

Turn your phone face down.

L248: Light all the candles

Rub the match on its box to light it, then light up the last candle, now turn your phone right to spread the fire.

L249: Make the rocket blast off

Turn your phone right.

L250: Make it New Year!

Move the minute hand to the 12.

L251: Find the fingerprint you need

Tap on the flash light to turn it on, then drag move it to find our fingerprint which is in right side of the red book, now tap on the fingerprint.

L252: Why has the clock stopped

Swipe right on the clock, then use two fingers to rotate the battery by 180 degrees, now put it in its place again.

L253: The cat noticed the mouse! Help it escape

Hold your finger on the cat’s eyes for a few seconds to stop him seeing.

L254: How to unlock the phone?

Hold your finger on touch ID.

L255: Transplant the flower

Drag the flowers to the blue pot while you are holding the brown pot with your finger.

L256: Make lightning strike

Drag one cloud and rub it on another cloud.

L257: What is the largest number you can make from these numbers?

Rotate the number 8 with two fingers to change it to infinity symbol, now drag it on the line and tap OK.

L258: Transplant the cactus

Turn your phone upside down while holding the pot, then tilt your phone to move the cactus to the other pot.

L259: Help the giraffe reach the leaf

Swipe its neck up to reach the leaf.

L260: Help manage the traffic jam

Turn your phone into right.

L261: Whack the mole again!

Merge all the holes together to have only one, then drag the hammer to the mole.

L262: Connect all points with only three lines

There are more points, look at the picture here and draw this triangle.

L263: Smash the pinata

Hit the doll with baseball bat for 5 times.

L264: Where is my coffee?

It’s behind the laptop, swipe on its screen down and tap the coffee.

L265: Help grandma find an umbrella

Rotate her cane with two fingers by 180 degrees, then drag it under the red semicircle which is over the door, now you have an umbrella, give it to the grandma.

L266: Take all the phones off the conveyor belt

Try to tap all the 5 phones in the objects.

L267: Which apartment does the gamer live in?

Drag the sun out of the screen, then tap on the gamer.

L268: The girl is an hour late, how can we help her?

Rotate the minute hand for 60 minutes backward.

L269: Make the clock show 10

Drag the sun left.

L270: Find the cube

Drag the purple shape in right and the yellow shape on top of the blue square.

L271: Hit all of the targets

Drag the ball down and hit all the targets.

L272: Unpause the video

Drag the mouse to move the cursor, put it on the middle of the desktop on play icon and tap on the left button of the mouse.

L273: Who is this dog’s owner?

Drag the dog next to the boy which has green pants, the dog start shaking its tail, then tap on the boy.

L274: Save the gladiator

Swipe on the thumb up.

L275: Make nighttime come to an end

Draw a curve line to connect the two sides of the moon to change it to sun.

L276: Help me dial the desired number

Turn each number right round to reach the end, then wait until the disk returns to its first position.

L277: Remove the pan from the stove

Tap on the both windows to open them, then tap on the button which is in right down of the stove.

L278: Which flower is the most beautiful?

Use two fingers to tilt the pot to left a bit, then water all the plants, now tap on the pink flower.

L279: Find the most beautiful flower again!

Each time merge the two plants which are the same, then tilt the pot with two fingers into left a bit and water the last plant you made.

L280: Find the grapefruit

Drag the knife on all oranges to cut them, then tap on the one which is red inside.

L281: Prove that you are the strongest

Tap on the punching bag as fast as you can, the green part should reach to top.

L282: which of these skyscrapers is the tallest?

Swipe up on the screen, the right skyscraper is the tallest, tap on it.

L283: Unwrap the candy

Put one finger on left edge and one other on right edge of the wrapper, then drag in the opposite directions.

L284: Find the apple

Look at the picture here, we have found it for you.

L285: Find north

Turn your phone like a real compass to put the red hand on N.

L286: Blow out the candle

Blow into the microphone of your phone.

L287: How many candles are there on the cake?

Swipe right on the cake to see the other sides of it, the answer is 4.

L288: The girl wants to wear a beautiful dress

Zoom in on the left pink flower and rotate it with two fingers and drag it to the woman, so she can wear it as a skirt, then drag the yellow dress to her too.

L289: Help me retrieve the ball

Drag the brown stone which is under the purple flower and put it on the rope, then hit the ball with it.

L290: Which cake is tastiest?

Drag a piece of each cake to his mouth, then tap on the cake on right side.

L291: Find all the misstakes

Tap on the blue carrot, the small frame, the object under the cat and the word “misstakes” in the text.

L292: Find the crab

Drag the stones aside, you will see the crab, then tap on it.

L293: How can you call your grandson inside?

Swipe right on the dish which is in front of the grandma.

L294: Pull the rabbit out of the hat

Drag up the rabbit from its ears.

L295: Help the lovers reach each other

Drag the boy out of the screen from left to reach the girl from the other side

L296: Help the bunny find the coin

Use the clouds and jump on them to reach the sun.

L297: Light all the lamps

Start from the first lamp in top right and tap on the pipes to correct their direction, at the end tap on the power logo.

L298: The elephant is too hot, how can we help him?

Put his trunk into the water, then drag it up.

L299: Turn all of the lights off

Tap on all the buttons to light them off, one of the buttons doesn’t work, swipe up on that light bulb.

L300: Make an ice cream like the one in the example

First put red ice cream into the cone with the spoon, then merge the red an yellow together and put orange ice cream on the cone, at the end put brown ice cream on them.

L301: Light all the lamps

Start from one lamp and tap on the pipes to correct their direction.

L302: Roll a 7

Shake your phone, until get the numbers you need.

L303: Help the girl!

Rub the water of the floor with the green towel, then drag the yellow tape on the bathroom sink, then drag the other object to the toilet.

L304: Help the green knight win

Drag the red sword aside, then drag the left horse right.

L305: Make a square from the shapes

Look at the picture here to see the last answer.

L306: Help the girl to find a comb in her bag

Rotate her bag with two fingers, then shake it to find the comb, then tap on it.

L307: How can a mermaid be turned into a human?

Drag the music sounds out of the screen.

L308: Help the girl to find a comb in her bag

Rotate her bag with two fingers, then shake it to find the comb, then tap on it.

L309: Which shape comes next in the sequence?

Rotate the green piece into left by 90 degrees, then tap on it.

L310: Pin the postcards to the board

Drag the postcards on the board by one finger and drag the pin on them with another finger.

L311: How do you start a solar eclipse?

Put the moon between the sun and the earth.

L312: Solve the puzzle

Rotate the puzzle with two fingers by 90 degrees, then look at the picture here to see the correct answer.

L313: How can you help the lizard?

Drag all the insects to the lizard’s mouth.

L314: Start the fan

To start the fan manually, swipe on one of the blades.

L315: Whose camper van is this?

Drag the red scarf of the left woman and put it aside, then tap on her.

L316: Roll a 3

Shake your phone until see the blank side of the dice, then tap on it 3 times.

L317: Loves me or Loves me not?

Drag the red scarf of the left woman and put it aside, then tap on her.

L318: Find a mate for the sheep

Swipe right on the pictures to reach the wolf, then swipe up on it.

L319: Help the couple stay dry

Zoom in on the umbrella.

L320: How to take the bag away from the dog?

Drag the bone over his head, then tap on the bag.

L321: Help prepare for a video call

Drag all the items out of the blue area.

L322: Why isn’t the TV working?

Drag down on the screen to find the satellite, them move the direction of it waves into down, now drag up the screen.

L323: Solve the puzzle

Zoom in on the puzzle, now look at the picture here to see the last answer.

L324: Escape the maze

The thin wall is just a way under the bridge, pass it and reach the Exit.

L325: How to start a lunar eclipse?

Put the moon as you see in picture above, so the that the order is: sun, earth and moon.

L326: Where can the girl find the wind?

Blow into the microphone of your phone.

L327: What is written on the paper?

Rub your finger on the paper to make the number visible, its’ 795.

L328: Catch the mouse

Hold on the two other holes with two fingers, then catch it with the third finger.

L329: Find the matching sock

Swipe right on the pictures to find the other black and white sock, no one cares its white lines are horizontal or vertical! tap on it.

L330: How to read what is written on paper?

Drag the paper over the candle for three times.

L331: Solve the puzzle

Pull the horizontal red piece from both side, now look at the picture here to find the last answer

L332: Pack your hand luggage for the flight

Drag all the items into the bag except the scissors, it’s not allowed in airplane.

L333: Which shield suits the knight best?

Swipe up on his face shield, then tap on the shield in right side.

L334: The noise is too loud! How can we help the boy

Hold two fingers on his both ears at the same time.

L335: Help prepare for a video call again

Drag the shirt to him, no pants needed in video call.

L336: Oh no! The light bulb has burned out. What should we do?

Drag the hint light bulb from top right corner to your table lamp.

L337: Pack the suitcase

Zoom out on the green towel, now there is enough space to put the items in the suitcase.

L338: What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Tap on the egg for a few times.

L339: The light is too bright Help the boy fall asleep

Tap on these 3 items, the flashlight, table lamp and the window.

L340: Match all the plugs with the sockets

Swap the sockets by the order as you see in this picture.

L341: Feed all the animals

Drag carrot to rabbit, beetles to the bird, plants to the zebra, now drag these three animals to the lion.

L342: Help the maid manage her duties!

Rub the stain which is on mirror with the sponge in her hand, then drag the clothes to the washing machine door, then rub the water on the floor with the floor wiper, at the end drag the trash out of the screen.

L343: Solve the puzzle

Look at this picture to find the last answer, you should tap on the pieces to rotate them.

L344: Which skateboard suits the boy best?

Swipe up on his green hat, then tap on the middle skateboard.

L345: How to make this man’s glasses 3D?

Just drag the blue and red glasses to the boy’s one.

L346: Help the ship dodge the iceberg!

Hold your finger on the iceberg.

L347: Choose a girlfriend for the guy

Tap on the boy’s shirt, then swipe right on the girls to find the one with shirt of “Sport Club”, now tap on her.

L348: Solve the equation

Lemon equals to 4, cherries are 3, ice cream is 7, so the answer is 13.

L349: Put all the shirts in the suitcase

Put all of the shirts in a pile, one on top of the other.

L350: Which card is at the bottom of the deck?

Use two fingers to drag aside the first and second card to see the third one, tap on the two of clubs.

You can see all answers on this page, but if you want there is a Brain Blow answer page level by level (350 level).

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