Green Level 10 Complete Walkthrough and Hints + Video

Green Level 10 Walkthrough and Hints

Green Game is the newest puzzle game made by Bart Bonte (the producer of four successful games, Yellow, Red, Black and Blue). In this post you are able to find the hints and the answers for Green Level 10. As far as you have came here, it means that you are most probably calling for help. Now our duty is to help you out, we have solve all Green Puzzle Game Levels and are eager to give you a hand. Everything is clear and complete, but if you need help or if you need to contact us, don’t be shy and let us know in the comments. We will be very happy for your feedback. Follow us to see Green Level 10 answers with image and video Hints and complete step-by-step walkthrough.

green level 10 walkthrough

GREEN Puzzle Game All Level Answers [1-50]

Here’s the solution for Green Game Level 10

Answer: There are hidden objects behind the walls, fill them in a way that the whole screen becomes green at the end.

About Green Game:

“The sequel to my ‘yellow’, ‘red’, ‘black’ and ‘blue’ games is here!
Can you make the screen green in 50 levels?
Each level has its own logic.
Do you need help? Use the light bulb button that will appear after a while in the top right of each level to get a hint.
There are multiple hints for each level.
With the premium unlock in-app you will not get ads before the hints.
A Bart Bonte / bontegames puzzle game.”

If you need more explanation please watch easy detailed walkthrough in this video :

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