Progress to 100 vs Daze Puzzle Game

Progress to 100 (Progressto100) and Daze puzzle games are very similar to each other. But there are differences between them if look at them in more detail. In this blog, we explore aspects of the two best puzzle games to discover their differences.

The two games look very similar to each other at first glance and players know enough to play one of the two games. Both games compel you to perform physical moves including rocking, walking, turning, etc. Using mobile phones to detect user behavior and finally handle a certain number of steps.

The comparison of the two games is similar to the comparison between two fruits, yellow plum and red plum. They may be different from the exterior, but they look very similar from inside. In addition to graphics, the two games differ from other aspects.

Graphics of Progress to 100 vs Daze

The coloring and appearance of the two games are the first one that sets them in the first glance. Progressto100 in the whole game uses two black and cream colors. While Daze has three distinct colors includes navy blue, a special green and the white color. These colors is used in fonts of the game which makes user feel better during play with Daze. Daze is more fun and enjoying game graphics.

Another important difference is the difference in the font and the literature displayed at each stage. Progress to 100 app uses a full-fledged full-text font so the user can read the text easily from the beginning. In the Daze we see more creativity. The texts appear to be incomplete and slash which somewhat challenges the readability of the text and incite the sense of mystique and problem solving to the audience. No matter how much the player approaches the solution. The readability of this text in the Daze Puzzle game is also greater. And by completing a step, its text is clearly displayed to the user. This gives a closer sense to the puzzle style of the game.

The games menu also differs from one another. One of which falls under a waterfall from above and the other with the effect of fading and appearing on the screen.

The two games are quite similar in terms of the perfect display of each stage. The entire screen of your mobile screen will appear as a particular color. In the final stages where the text is no longer working and the game continues only by dividing the screen into the small squares. The two games are very close to each other and only the coloring is different.

Destination platform available for two games

One of the distinguishing difference between these differences is the difference in their operating platform. Progress to 100 only runs on devices running IOS. Does not exist progress to 100 for android or progress to 100 apk file. So many of Progress to 100 game’s fans were frequently searching on google for “progress to 100 apk“, “progress to 100 android“, “progress to 100 apk download” and similar queries. However, this game is only available for iPhone users. Fortunately Daze which is like progress to 100 game, is now available for android phone users and they can download it on Google play store for free and enjoy it. However Daze Puzzle team, has put the releasing game on the ios in priority. It will be released in app store soon.

Progress to 100 apk

In-App Purchasing

The Progressto100 game has been released as paid and player has been forced to buy from the beginning of the game. It has somewhat diminished the popularity of the game. But Daze is available for free on Google Play Store with this name: “Tricky Test: 100 Tricky Games”.

Game play of Daze and Progress to 100

Both games have the same game play in the mystery style that most often use to distinguish player movements using the phone sensors. In some stages only the touch movements are sufficient and can be found the solution of the stage by it. Briefly in both There are a number of stages in which at each stage a text is presented as a puzzle question. In each step the player needs to find a solution by shaking his phone, physical displacement, rotation, and other movements. As the solution moves closer, the dominant color fills more space of the game until the player reaches the final solution. After that the next stage will appear with a beautiful, flowing animation to the left side of the slide and the next step appears with a new enigmatic design.

close the gap level in daze

Game language of Daze and Progress to 100

The only language offered in both games is English. Since the text and the speaker’s voice play a vital role in game play, changing the language and preparing the game for other languages is not simply as other games. But Daze developing team is working to prepare the Daze android game against other languages. Including Spanish, French, Russian and Arabic. Certainly your support of the Daze game will smoother the way for us to achieve this goal.

The sound effects used in both games

In both puzzle games the soundtrack, the peripheral music and the speaker’s voice are well embedded. Both games have a vivid background soundtrack that, in the same calm, induce a mysterious space in the mind of the audience.

Sound effects are also heard with very high variation and very appropriate programming according to user movements. Perhaps the point that fatigue takes from you to be repetitive, and will always be motivated to continue playing the game in you is the same beautiful voices embedded in the game. The speaker’s voice, which is ambiguous but familiar. Communicates warm contact with the player in both games and attracts the audience.

Release date

The Progressto100 game entered the App Store in 2015 and was able to place itself among the popular puzzle games, the Daze game has just entered Google Play Store in 2018 and waiting for to receive visitors from the game and placing in the list of the best android puzzle games, particularly those waiting for a game to be similar to the progress to 100 for Android platform or for those that unable to paid for progress to 100 app, now they can download similar progress to 100 apk file for free. You can download Daze on google play store :

Get It on Google Play Store

Website and game introduction

Both games have a website and are using games, gifs and videos taken from the game to try to introduce their games better. is the website of progressto100 game, which is simple and fully designed and style – designed, is also the site of the Daze game website, which has a more formal and structured format, and the blog presented in it is also specialized in the analysis of puzzle games in a unique way.

Game guide

With a little searching in cyberspace, we can find the Progressto100 guide for different stages. There are even a number of videos on the YouTube video network showing the method of solving all the Puzzles. In other hand Daze have given a part in the game to guide player. In this part the player can obtain a brief guide from the solution process after waiting for a while or seeing a promotional video.

The final stage of Daze and Progress to 100

The final stage of the two games is quite different. In Daze, the final stage is such that a few words appear on the page using small squares. These tiny squares always disappear and appear to some extent to the word reading. It’s hard and puzzling, and the player should recognize these words and type in the field. Progress to 100 in the final stage pushes you to the first stage and even before it means Progress to 100 negative levels, such as -1!


  • Adriano says:

    I have an android phone so I hadn’t install progress to 100, I installed Daze on google play. Daze is great puzzle game lots of fun! It has some that take a few moments to figure out but nothing overly hard. This game was way better than I thought it would be. Each level requires a different way of thinking to solve and hints – you’ll need a few – are simple to get by watching videos. Also, the sounds is great!
    I dont get how you are meant to do level 63 though?

    • daze game says:

      Hi Adriano,
      We appreciate your feedback,
      For solving level 63 (Free fall) Hold your device, then – while holding it! – drop it down to the ground. Don’t let go, or this will be the most expensive app you ever bought.
      Daze Puzzle Team

  • brayan says:

    I don’t write reviews often, but this game is worth a review! So clever & interesting, kept my attention ! A must have in an indie game collection & in any puzzle gamer’s collection.
    So fun & completely worth it. install it! You won’t regret. 10 stars & 10 thumbs up

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